The reporter reported from the demonstration in Bnei Brak and needed a police escort: "The violence lasted about two and a half hours"

A Channel 14 reporter, Ati Shalu, covered last night (Wednesday) the turn in Bnei Brak against the ultra-Orthodox, which began with a large march, with signs, cheerleaders, loudspeakers and, of course, Israeli flags. During the coverage, the broadcast was moved to his time for reporting, and when the camera turned on, the dozens of people around him prevented him from broadcasting and even blocked the camera with flags in a blatant manner that finally caused the broadcast to be returned to the studio. Channel 14 reacted angrily and said that they intend to personally sue the person who prevented it from broadcasting.

His newspaper reporter, who is experienced in cases of this type, especially in light of the number of demonstrations he covered during the wave of protests with the establishment of the Netanyahu government, wrote on his Twitter account "How long?" and attached documentation of the event.

On behalf of Channel Now 14 it was reported: "The management of Now 14 channel strongly condemns the violence of the left-wing protesters who attacked and beat the channel’s reporter Ati Shalov and photographer Emil Mushailov, during coverage of a demonstration tonight in Bnei Brak. Our team was attacked by dozens of thugs wielding sticks, objects were thrown at them and megaphones were used in their ears. The anarchists even surrounded the reporter and the photographer and did not allow them to transmit the reports from the event. The violence against our staff lasted for about two and a half hours and only under the protection of a police force were they rescued from the thugs."

Another message from the channel: "Unfortunately, since the beginning of the protest against the reform, the journalists of Now 14 channel suffer violence and assaults every time they come to cover it. A complaint will be filed with the police in the next few hours. We demand that the Commissioner of Police and all law enforcement agencies act immediately to prosecute the violent thugs. The channel’s management intends to set up a legal team as early as tomorrow morning to file civil lawsuits against the rioters who attacked our dedicated team. Attempts at violent and criminal silencing will not deter us from doing our important work for the people of Israel."

Deputy Minister of Finance, h"As Michal Waldiger said in response: "Strongly condemns the behavior of the demonstrators this evening in Bnei Brak against the ultra-Orthodox public and Channel 14. Those who speak high and high go down to low saucers. A protest that is all shame and disgrace."

Demonstration - Karkur - Israeli flags
archives. Photo: Police spokeswoman

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