Hours after diplomats visited the place – riots between Chums and Kfar Burka

A Jewish settler was wounded in the head - a bandage

Diplomats from the European Union visited Samaria today (Wednesday) and met Palestinians from the village of Burka.

Hours after the visit, skirmishes broke out between the Jewish settlers and the Arabs in the area.

Palestinians from the village of Burka threw stones and threw fireworks at Israeli and military vehicles near Homash. As a result, one Israeli injured his head and sought medical treatment.

Following this, the rioters were dispersed by IDF forces using means to disperse demonstrations.

After that, the Jewish settlers from Chemesh apparently went on a revenge operation in the village of Burka and burned a caravan and several houses. In addition, there was shooting on the spot and there are wounded among the Palestinians.

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, said about the stone-throwing incident: “This incident ended in a miracle. Terror strikes again, and this time with the people of the European Union who are abetting the terror. These terrorist events reinforce the obligation to build Chumash and so do Ganim Kadim and Sha’anur, terrorism will not break us and will not break the State of Israel. We are strengthening the students of Chumash the Heroes who stand firm under terrorist attacks in the rain and cold and thanks to them we will still see Chumsa built.”

On the other hand, Shalom Now organization condemned the violence in Kfar Burka: “Like in Hawara, criminals who know that their representatives in power will back them up, set fire to and attack innocent Palestinians. The act of revenge by the settlers of the criminal outpost in Chomash is just an example of what routine will look like the day after the outpost is moved and turned into a violent and dangerous settlement. The security forces must act immediately and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

A Jewish settler was wounded in the head - a bandage
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Photo: Burka resident
Photo: Burka resident
Photo: Burka resident
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