Exciting: at the end of two years of searching, the missing Israeli was found in Jordan – “as if reborn”

The missing Shalom Rotban was located in Jordan

At the end of two years of searching, the missing Shalom Rotban was located in Jordan, when he is safe and sound, and returned to Israel with family members and the YCL team (Israel Canine Unit).

The missing Shalom Rotban, whose traces disappeared about two years ago (May 2, 2021), then being 25 years old, was located today (Thursday) safe and sound in Jordan.

For over two consecutive years it was not known what happened to him, and there was great fear for his life. Every stone was turned in the search for him. The YCL teams did not despair even for a moment. This week, at the end of two years of absence, we received a phone call from an official in Jordan, who confirmed his identity and indicated the location of Shalom Rotban. The YCL team, together with his family members and the Israeli representation in Jordan, began the journey towards Shalom Rotban, until the exciting meeting in the territory of Jordan.

It is impossible to describe the excitement, joy and tears that broke boundaries, when the son fell on his mother’s neck. She felt “as if reborn”. At the end of the activity, the YCL team together with Shalom Rotban and his family members returned to their border.

Bichal were very excited and said: “From here we learn that there is always hope.” We say this in every search for missing persons, even when a long time has passed since the day of their absence. We thank God for this great miracle!”

Yakl commander, Mike Ben Ya’akov said: “We salute the Michal angels and the other organizations that assisted in the search, and in particular the negotiation team and the management team for special operations in foreign countries of Yakl who came together with his family and with a representative of the Am Yisrael Chai Foundation to Jordan to lead the operation. And escorted Shalom until he crossed the border into Israel at these moments. We confirmed what good we shared! Only in the State of Israel is a civilian canine unit able to reach the President of the State at 1:30 in the morning to help a poor missing person… I wish YCL would receive such help to rescue and save more missing persons from those in charge of the field of missing persons in the State of Israel. I hope that this case will affect many other missing persons cases, and that Shikal will receive the tools and recognition to reach many other missing people who can be located and saved. The main thing: Shalom Oter was found after years of searching and despair, and he will be able to celebrate the holiday of Matan Torah in the bosom of his family. The miracle of the holiday of giving the Torah was manifested.”

The Chamber thanked a long list of people who helped during the period: the President of the State, Mr. Yitzhak Herzog. To the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Eli Cohen. To the Israeli Consulate in Jordan, Gali Yitzhak. To the Israel Police, to the IDF, to the Commissioner of Police, RN Kobi Shabtai. To the advisor to the commissioner for ultra-Orthodox affairs, Nissim Levy, to the consul’s dedicated assistant, Handi. To the Israeli Ambassador to Jordan, Eitan Sorkis, to Sammy, the Deputy Ambassador of Israel to Jordan. To the dedicated manager, Ariela Shimoni. Laudi, from the Israeli Embassy in Jordan. To all the staff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the Red Star of David. to the government of Jordan, and many other parties who were partners.

Happy holiday with dear Israel!

The missing Shalom Rotban was located in Jordan
Photo: Yakl Spokesperson

After 90 days of absence: the search continues for the missing Shalom Rotban near Livna

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