The IDF located a dummy launcher in northern Samaria, the “missile” was made of cardboard and did not pose a danger

Yesterday (Wednesday) a video was circulated on social media of an attempt to launch an object believed to be a missile from the north of the West Bank towards the settlement of Shaked in northern Samaria.

An IDF spokesperson stated that “an IDF force operating earlier today in the area of ​​the Menashe Brigade located a dummy launcher in Kfar Nazlat.” The launcher was handed over to the security forces for further processing.”

Yahav Atzmon, Rabbi of Shaked, issued a message to the residents, which read: “In the last few hours, a video was published on the Arab networks in which a small “missile” is allegedly shown aimed at Shaked, with an inscription in Arabic on it. The site has been identified and the incident is currently being investigated by the IDF. It is important to remember that the terrorists who are less successful in the field against the IDF make efforts to undermine our security in the easiest way, spreading propaganda in the media. As we know, unlike the situation in Gaza, the IDF is in all of Samaria, controls the areas of the villages around us and prevents the possibility of a situation similar to the one surrounding Gaza. As mentioned, the specific incident is being investigated and handled by the forces in the field.

A security official stated that “the missile seen in the video and published by a journalist affiliated with Hamas is made of cardboard and contains fireworks that could not make it rise more than a few meters. It exploded in the air at a height of about three meters and did not pose any danger to the Jewish settlements near the area.”

The roll it is made of "the missile"
The cylinder from which the “missile” is made. Published online, use according to section 27 a

circulated on social networks. Use according to Article 27 A of the Copyright Law

circulated on social networks. Use according to Article 27 A of the Copyright Law

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Worrying: Arab terrorists tried to launch a rocket at a settlement in Samaria watch

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