Two 20-year-old motorcyclists were seriously injured in a car accident in Givat Ze’ev

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Two motorcyclists about 20 years old were injured a short time ago (Thursday) in a car accident on the Givat Ze’ev bypass road. MDA medics and paramedics gave them medical treatment and evacuated them to Shaare Zedek Hospital, with one unconscious, in a serious and unstable condition with multi-system injuries, and another young man fully conscious, with injuries to his limbs and head in a serious and stable condition.

Emergency medicine medic Nadav Salomon and MDA paramedic Fadi Dekidek said: “It was a car accident between 2 motorcycles on the road bypassing Givat Ze’ev, when we arrived at the scene we noticed in the middle of the road 2 men lying about 20 meters away from each other, with 2 motorcycles lying next to them. One wounded man was unconscious with many bruises on his body, we immediately gave him life-saving medical treatment and quickly sent him to the hospital as his condition was defined as serious and unstable, the other wounded man was conscious and he suffered a severe injury to his limbs and a head injury. We also referred him to Shaare Zedek Hospital as his condition is defined as serious and stable.”

The traffic accident examiners of the Jerusalem district began investigating the circumstances of the accident.

gauge"A. Jerusalem
archives. Photo: MDA spokesmen

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