The Dubai Police released a record of the Israeli murder and the names of the arrested suspects

After the Dubai Police announced earlier today (Thursday) the eight Israeli suspects they arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Hassan Shamsiah, 33 years old from Acre, they are now revealing the documentation of the case.

Hassan Shamsiah who was stabbed to death in Duba
Hassan Shamsiah who was stabbed to death in Dubai. Photo: Alarab – Al-Arab

The police stated that as soon as the case was reported, special police detectives began tracking down the suspects. In just 3 hours they arrested two main suspects and later the six other suspects. The eight arrested, according to a statement from the Dubai Police, are: Mahmoud Rabia, Salim Rabia, Sameh Rubai, Hassan Yajouri, Mahmoud Alsim, Abdullah Johar, Rani Ruis and Tal Zisler.

The Israelis arrested in Dubai on suspicion of murder.
The Israelis arrested in Dubai on suspicion of murder. Photo: Dubai Police

The police released a video in which they revealed the records of the suspects involved in the murder. In the video, the suspects are seen arriving at the Dubai International Airport, after which they enter a cafe in the city, where they see the victim and a confrontation between the parties begins. They allegedly stab the victim and flee outside. Shortly after, the Dubai Police manage to identify them, raid the place where they live and arrest them.

The police in Dubai said in their statement that the background to the murder was a conflict between two families and revenge.

The victim, Hassan Shamsiah, is known to the Israel Police and belongs to the Tabrani family, which is in a long-standing conflict with the Rubai family.

Photo: Dubai Police

The murder in Dubai: the local police arrested 8 Israelis on suspicion of involvement in the incident

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