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“She won’t walk anymore, she won’t be able to talk either”

Tamar Yehuda Cohen

Tamar Yehuda Cohen was found at the height of her coolness, when a huge and active aneurysm was discovered in her brain. She suffered a stroke that caused the loss of speech, and also underwent surgery to remove a tumor that paralyzed half of her body. At one point, the doctors informed her that she would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life and that there was no way she would ever speak. The warrior scientist went out to fight for her life and in it her private miracle took place. After many years of abysmal suffering and when she lives alongside an aneurysm and a recurring tumor in her head, she recovered and devotes her life For the rehabilitation of injured head and spine.

Tamar Yehuda Cohen
Photo: Reut Chevar

Tamar Yehuda Cohen Considered a medical miracle. The woman who lost the ability to speak due to a stroke, speaks today from a different place in the brain. This is a woman for whom the best doctors have given her a broken vessel life while she sits in a wheelchair, paralyzed on the left side of her body and unable to learn new things. Tamar fought for many years according to a method she built herself.

Today, after recovering, she helps people with head and spine injuries to regain the joy of life without giving up their dreams and ambitions. She does it by A method that he developed for the purpose of professional accompaniment of rehabilitated people.

Tamar Alive and functioning perfectly with an active aneurysm in the brain and under a recurrent tumor. She manages to initiate and act under awareness of the enormous value of the time she has in the world, takes advantage of every moment and acts with high energy and enormous courage. Tamar is an optimistic woman, pushing, producing and working for the common good. Alongside all this, she is busy planning long-term moves. the story of Tamar Passing from a rich, successful and extraordinary career to the abyss of despair.

Tamar Yehuda Cohen
Photo: Reut Chevar

At its peak, she founded biotechnological companies and was a partner in complex scientific projects on different continents. Then the collapse happened, a stroke that caused her to lose the ability to speak, 11 years ago. In addition, she suffered from severe epilepsy. All of this happened following three brain surgeries she underwent after a huge aneurysm was discovered in her brain and the right main artery had to be blocked to save her. Tamar Taught her mind to find new activity paths that would provide her with the possibility to think and function physically and mentally.

“I suffered a very severe functional impairment. This happened in the midst of a tremendous international career in which I produced 22 international patents in the field of the early diagnosis of diseases, focusing on viruses of global epidemics. As a doctor of immunology and biology, I stood on large and important stages in the world and served as a lecturer for biology, and the philosophy and ethics of biomedicine.”

Systems she invented and developed were used by international organizations and universities in dozens of countries. She collaborated with doctors and researchers all over the world. All this stopped when her ability to speak was impaired. In one, she interrupted her schedule of international meetings and had to recover under complete uncertainty.

The situation was so bad that they did not admit her to the rehabilitation department at the hospital on the grounds that “you will never speak”. But Tamar did not give up, while hospitalized she began to research and develop a new way of life and says: “It is possible to teach the unused parts of the brain to work for our benefit. I went through a long, Sisyphean and difficult process, but after two years I was already teaching a class in my own voice, after during the silent era I only wrote and someone else read.”

It took her three years to speak freely again. She had to give up her career in the scientific field. Tamar She turned to writing and coaching and started coaching, specializing in complex cases and even advising other coaches. In 2018 the tumor in her brain doubled itself, started to get out of control and they had to remove it. Tamar She woke up from the operation paralyzed on the left side of her body.

She suffered severe cognitive impairment, memory and vocabulary loss. Along with this, she also lost the mathematical abilities that were a strong part of her. Here came a severe mental crisis when she lost her ability to do basic actions. Tamar Heard from the doctors that she was expected to remain in a wheelchair for the rest of her life and that she would not be able to learn anything new. Then an innovative rehabilitation approach was born that she developed and that saved her life.

The rehabilitation accompaniment method of Tamar It is the result of studying development and experimenting on her own and in recent years also working with dozens of patients who suffer from serious head and spine injuries.

Tamar She says: “The first step in the process is to get the victim to acknowledge his injury and to explain to him the damages and the current situation. Progress will only begin after the injured or sick person gives way to pain, loss, frustration, fear, lack, the depth of the pit. In the second step, I will ask the rehabilitator what his goal is? What is the dream and the great desire of the rehabilitator? At this point I Uses special tools that help Elevate, expand, enlarge and raise the horizon. I conduct an examination regarding the abilities that exist in the rehabilitator himself and find out what the system of support and accompaniment is around him.”

With endless patience, diligence and dedication Tamar Maps what the rehabilitator does to rehabilitate. She studies the behavior of the injured person and provides him and his family members with an accurate and detailed analysis of how to leverage and enhance the efficiency of the actions he is doing today, this in conjunction with defining goals on the way to the big dream.

Tamar Makes with the rehabilitator a prioritization of the goals and their arrangement over the timeline according to the existing situation, the forces, and the will of the rehabilitator.

In the next step, the adaptation of the process to the overall behavior will be carried out. A work plan will be built that combines nutrition, activity, rest and social life. All of these will not only improve the mood and morale of the injured person, but are necessary in order to strengthen the immune system and the physiological rehabilitation systems in the body.

From here, Tamar continues and builds for the rehabilitator and his companions a work plan that includes daily and weekly activities, while defining goals of small steps. Together they analyze any progress. Tamar explains in each step the possible future physiological meaning and the way in which she advances the rehabilitator to his great goal. It even offers additional, different or unique ways of rehabilitation, suitable for the person being rehabilitated at the various stages.

In the workshops that she is launching in June 2023, caregivers, physical therapists, companions and family members of the convalescents have already secured their participation. Tamar will instruct the attendants of the injured on how to integrate into the rehabilitation method for improved escort and support. She will advise them on how to maintain their world beyond the activity with the rehabilitated person and his needs.

“A healthy and happy environment is part of a good rehabilitation”.

Tamar serves the The method is for the benefit of associations that care for victims of terrorism, social workers, officials and people who accompany the disabled of the IDF, injured children and their families, companions and family members of those with head and spine injuries. This is advanced professional training for anyone who is recovering from a head and spine injury.

Tamar Yehuda Cohen
Photo: Reut Chevar

Some of the workshops will also include those with head and spine injuries themselves, those injured as a result of car accidents and shootings, those who have had a stroke, those recovering from surgery, those who have had a tumor removed from their head, and those who have suffered from bleeding or blockage.

Tamar Yehuda Cohen: “Those who are severely injured in the head or spine often feel that their life is not worth it. He is unable to perform simple actions and it is clear that he is very far from the function he would like to achieve. These people are wounded, hurt and feel dangerous and without hope on the horizon. Most of them are discouraged and suffer from depression, anxiety and stress. They have difficulty finding the light above the pit and sometimes think that it is such a small light that it is not worth making an effort for. But the truth is that it is possible to live a good and full life despite the physical limitations. This is why I ask the rehabilitator, at the beginning of the journey, what are his goals and where does he want to go? The method is proven and I have a rich resume of successes.”

beyond all, Tamar Is a tremendous personal example due to her fighting spirit and adherence to the goal. In 2020 she climbed the Alps with the help of a walking stick. Since then she has returned to walking and has managed to build up the ability to learn again.

During her stay in the rehabilitation department, she started Tamar Build Individual rehabilitation programs for those rehabilitated in the departments. She became a companion of the rehabilitated and their companions from a practical, technical, mental and emotional point of view.

Her message to rehabilitators: “You are only in rehabilitation when you are all working on your rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is not 40 minutes of physical therapy or half an hour of occupational therapy. The rehabilitator should act in a complete plan for a return to a full life path. Sometimes, after intense and gradual work, the stage comes when we have to give up 100 percent physical perfection and we have to concentrate on what is important for us to do in life.”

Tamar She is a grandmother to dozens of grandchildren from her seven children and also has one adopted child.

She lives in Moshav Gomzo and wrote 4 books about her medical case and the rehabilitations she guided.

In her personal bookCracked perfectionShe describes her journey in a fascinating way and writes that the real rehabilitation happens when the rehabilitator returns to a normal life.

“What is most important is to do everything alone and not depend on anyone.”

the book “Cracked perfection” is very popular among therapists who use it and will be published in a second edition in two weeks. The book gives hope, strength and tools to cope and build a good life.

Among the people that Tamar accompanies in trainings are also well-known businessmen and cultural figures and victims of car accidents and terrorism who have difficulty moving their limbs and functioning. Most of them are in a situation where their lives are ruined and the doctors report to them that they are 100 percent disabled and need constant accompaniment to do simple activities. Sometimes the injured are informed of a permanent severing of the spine and a state of total immobility.

Tamar guides how to see the full picture, while paying attention to small details that are important in the process of getting out of the crisis. Tamar thinks outside the box. She does not believe in negative sentences such as: “Impossible, there is no chance.”

From the lowest place, when everything seems black – that’s where she starts to work powerfully and persistently. No discounts or concessions. She herself swims for a whole hour in the mornings, in all seasons, despite her state of mind. She is a big believer in human powers and knows that they can be empowered.

“A person needs a big and clear goal beyond his physical rehabilitation,” says Tamar.

“I help the rehabilitator lift the mind and pull the body up, instead of the body leading the mind down. It’s not about survival, but about a life worth living.”

Tamar gives A series of videos as a gift in which she reveals the The 10 principles from the method she developed – https://tamarjc.ravpage.co.il/free-gift?ref=BR

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