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The service company for those flying or returning from abroad is considered the leading service company in Israel. Tens of thousands of the company’s customers have greatly improved their quality of life.

The company Unlimited Vip services is highly praised by thousands of Israelis, as the leading service company in Israel. The company became famous in the last decade thanks to its dominance at the airport in Netav. The special escort services that the company provides at the airport, for departing and returning guests, are an important factor in the Israelis’ enjoyment of their vacation. It turns out that over 10,000 Israelis use these services every summer, which include transportation to and from Israel.

The company is responsible for shortening the queues for those leaving the country and returning from abroad, organizing shuttle services, coordinating hotels overseas and in Israel and even helps those who want to plan in advance a tour, conference and even visit a good restaurant.

The company is also highly rated for producing guided tours of the Western Wall, local food tasting tours and more.

Hundreds of returning customers favorably note the hospitality in the lounges that can be obtained through the company and the special help in organizing a wheelchair, transportation services with a baby seat, meals and even accommodation at the airports.

The company is managed by two partners: Miki Lalom is the founder and has a vast experience of two decades working at the airport.

His friend, Modi Spuri, joined the company as co-owner and CEO four years ago. The two recently returned from filming the series “Race to the Million” but cannot tell where they were and in what place they finished the competition… The two entrepreneurs, who are also neighbors, launched another subsidiary company called: Unlimited Experience, which handles the production of events and fun days for companies, organizations, and private families. Recently, the company held a pampering event for the “Pango” parking services company, in Crete. In events such as these, the organizing company is responsible for flights, hotel services, transportation, branding of the event, initiation of fun days, training programs and food.

When we talked to some regular customers, they enthusiastically mentioned the company’s specialization in field trips and desert hospitality at an international level, including all the accessories.

According to the customers – the company’s people are available 24/7 and the WhatsApp service is immediate. It is evident that this is a company that prioritizes personal service.

“We made sure to work with the best suppliers after paying high tuition fees. People who are at the airports or overseas on vacation need an urgent response and a sense of security that all their matters are handled professionally. We always remember that we have an important part in making the most of the vacation,” the company says.

A short visit to the company’s offices in Jaffa explains a lot to us. The place is clean, well-kept and an excellent atmosphere prevails among the employees. In conversations with employees of all ranks, the message emerges that their service is significant and they do so with a great sense of privilege and care.

The company’s marketing system is based on word-of-mouth recommendations, a completely authentic marketing plan.

to order a service: https://lp.unlimitedvips.com/order

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