Israeli companies will present their technologies to the best soccer league in the world

Soccer - Champions League

The young team’s qualification for the semifinals of the European Championship tournament that takes place on Wednesday against the England team is not the only success of the Israeli sports world. The Economic Attaché in London of the Foreign Trade Administration in the Ministry of Economy initiated and led, together with the Export Institute, a sports-tech delegation of Israeli technology companies to the capital of the United Kingdom.

The delegation, which includes 6 Israeli companies, will arrive for a two-day visit during which a technological demonstration event will be held at the stadium of the Premier League team Brighton (Wednesday, 5/7), led by the team’s COO and its technological team. The Israeli companies will present technological solutions in a variety of fields such as: stadium security and safety, fan and community involvement as well as technological solutions to promote adoption contracts with the clubs’ sponsors.

Among the companies that will participate in the event: Centrix, which offers an integrated defensive solution against hostile drones, Yabi, which provides identification and access solutions such as stadium tickets, Snappers, which provides a platform for live reports from the field, Mixzon, which provides advertising solutions for teams and sponsors, and WSC Sports , whose AI platform automatically generates and distributes game recaps and sports videos optimized for all digital platforms. Tomorrow (Thursday), the economic annexation will hold a business seminar for the Israeli companies to which senior members of the business, sports and investment community in London have been invited.

The technology manager of the Middlesbrough football team from the Championship, the strategy manager and the technology manager of the British Rugby League, the manager of a production company for electronic sports tournaments, representatives of the acceleration and innovation division of Sodexo (SODEXO) – the world’s largest catering company and operator of dozens of stadiums and tournaments in the world – will participate in the event. including Wimbledon and Roland Garros in France, as well as the British company Sports-Loft, which works with the leading Premier League teams and American football teams in the USA to implement sports technologies.

Ofer Forer, the economic axis of the Ministry of Economy and Industry in London, points out that “the world of sports in the UK is high in technology, and with the accumulated experience of Israeli solutions in the worlds of big data, artificial intelligence and safety and security, sports teams in the UK are a natural customer for Israeli companies wishing to penetrate this significant market”.

Britain is Israel’s largest trading partner in Europe in terms of exports and the third in the world in terms of exports and imports. In 2022, the volume of mutual trade in goods and services between the countries is estimated at 10.965 billion dollars. The Foreign Trade Administration operates economic embassies in the capital of Great Britain, London, which is a global economic center and home to global headquarters of multinational companies and financial institutions that are at the forefront of technology in terms of the scope of their activities. Affiliates of the Ministry of Economy and Industry in London operate in high technology areas such as defensive cyber, fintech and green energy through individual work with multinational companies or innovation bodies of global companies based in the UK. The association helps Israeli companies find business opportunities and business partnerships in the British market.

About the Foreign Trade Administration: The Foreign Trade Administration in the Ministry of Economy and Industry, is entrusted with managing and steering the international trade policy of the State of Israel. The main areas of activity include actions to promote trade and exports, initiating and maintaining trade agreements to improve the conditions of activity in Israel and providing assistance, professional accompaniment and financing to exporting companies that market and export abroad. The administration operates an array of 55 economic representations led by economic attachés and attachés around the world, which constitute the executive arm of the office in the international markets.

Soccer - Champions League
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