Assassination attempt abroad: Suspects shot at an Israeli criminal in Dubai

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

An attempted assassination of an Israeli criminal from the north of the country, who is in conflict with other criminals, took place today (Saturday) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

According to the suspicion, a number of criminals ambushed him in one of the streets in the city, shot at him but apparently failed to kill him.

Several suspects in the assassination attempt were arrested by police officers on the spot and taken for questioning. The local police cooperated with the Israeli police in the incident. The condition of the Israeli criminal is still unknown.

This is not the first attempt to eliminate the Israeli criminal world that takes place on Dubai soil: about a month and a half ago, eight Israeli criminals were arrested on suspicion of murdering the criminal Rasan Shamsiah who was on vacation in Dubai. The eight are still in custody, their trial is expected to begin soon.

Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photo: Pixabay

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