Czech Republic: 76 injured in a bus collision, including two Israelis

Czech Republic flag

Two buses collided today (Monday) on a highway in the Czech Republic. In the accident, one of the bus drivers was killed and 76 people were injured, including a couple of Israelis.

The accident happened near the second largest city in the Czech Republic, Brno, on the D2 highway. One of the buses hit the back of the other bus, which was traveling from the Hungarian capital, Budapest, to Prague.

About fourteen seriously injured people were transported by helicopter to nearby hospitals. The highway connecting the Czech Republic and Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, had to be closed in both directions for several hours, causing major traffic jams.

The travel insurance company PassportCard said that so far only Israeli spouses are known to have been injured. The man was injured in his limbs and the condition of the second injured woman is unclear. Their family is updated with details.

The local police are investigating the circumstances of the serious accident.

Czech Republic flag
Czech Republic flag. Illustration

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