A shortage of some of the products of the ‘Materna’ company is expected – this is the reason

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A routine test was conducted at the Materna company’s production plant, and found microbial findings that exceed the accepted standard. Following the findings, the company published a notice to its customers today (Tuesday).

“Materna company wishes to inform the public that there is expected to be a shortage of Mahadrin phase 1 products.” They opened the message in Materna and added, “This is due to a routine inspection at the factory following recently found microbial findings that exceed the accepted standard.”

They also said that “for the avoidance of doubt – all Materna products found in stores were marketed only after all the required tests were found to be in order, according to standards for the production of baby food. The findings were discovered thanks to quality tests and strict standards, even before the products left the factory premises for the stores.”

In conclusion, they said: “The Ministry of Health was informed by Materna immediately and the company is working with it in full cooperation. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Baby - baby girl - toddler - toddler
Illustration. Image by esudroff from Pixabay

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