The case of the children of Yemen and the Balkans: another grave has been opened

Yarkon Cemetery - a cemetery

In the early hours of the morning in the old cemetery in Netanya, the grave of the deceased Saada Karni was opened today (Tuesday), in accordance with the law on opening graves for children of East Yemen and the Balkans.

The grave was opened at the request of the family and by order of the court by Dr. Haim Cohen and Dr. Michal Pir from the Institute of Forensic Medicine and under the management of Attorney Meir Broder, who serves on behalf of the Ministry of Health as the projector for opening the graves of Yemeni children.

In cooperation with a Kadisha company, based on its records and maps that it compiled and a sonar (ultrasound) test conducted by the Ministry of Health, the approximate location of the deceased’s grave was located. Today, as mentioned, the grave was opened and remains were found that were transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for further identification and DNA extraction.

The Ministry of Health stated: “The Ministry of Health will continue to work to help families reach the truth in this painful case.”

Yarkon Cemetery - a cemetery
Illustration. Photo: Live flash news

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