The reporter was attacked on the broadcast: “Lapid, my murder is on your hands”

Protest rally - Ramat Hasharon - Yair Lapid - Israeli flags

A channel 14 reporter, Ati Shalu, was attacked several times yesterday (Tuesday) during his work, when he covered the demonstrations at the train station and then at Kaplan in Tel Aviv. In one of the cases, a man burst out at him and even physically pushed him in the middle of a live broadcast, until he had to scream at him “don’t touch me”, while citizens who were there pushed that man away.

The reporter, who was upset at the end of his work, after being forced to leave the demonstration area in Kaplan accompanied by police officers and a number of citizens who defended him with their bodies during the broadcast, published a poignant and harsh tweet on his Twitter account, in which he attacks the head of the opposition, Yair Lapid.

“This is how I ended the day at the Kaplan intersection: policemen had to pull me out of the crowd and escort me to the car while hundreds were following us and cursing us. All this happened after I was almost lynched for about an hour at the intersection. Everything is documented and will be distributed soon. Lapid, keep saying there is no violence. My murder is on your hands.” Ati tweeted on his Twitter account, and in the tweet he tagged Benny Gantz, Benjamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid.

Protest rally - Ramat Hasharon - Yair Lapid - Israeli flags
archives. Photo: Elad Gutman

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