The revolution of the car manufacturers is coming straight to you

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In recent years there has been a huge change in the global transportation industry. The major car manufacturers realized that it is impossible to stay in the same place and that it is necessary to move to the next stage, the one that will be from here on in the world that is changing before our eyes. What did those car manufacturers do? Adapt themselves to the environmental needs of all of us.

All over the world we see the devastating consequences of the weather. It didn’t just happen all of a sudden, but the result of climatic changes caused by damage to the earth, or rather, to the layer of air that surrounds us.

Decades of polluting industry and especially transportation that emits smoke dangerous to health and the environment have taken their toll and we are now paying the price. The global climate conferences and the signed agreements are indeed an important step, but those who have already started the change in this direction are precisely the major car manufacturers who themselves were responsible for the serious pollution.

What did those car manufacturers actually do? They began to produce more and more electric vehicles that meet the technological and safety standards of the automotive world and thus made these vehicles successful. How do you know this move is successful? According to the data. In recent years, the amount of electric vehicles sold in the world has increased by considerable percentages, especially in the major automobile markets such as Europe, the United States and China.

Not only do the percentages of sales increase every year, but there are countries where the amount of new electric vehicles that are sold is beginning to equal that of the normal vehicles and in some countries it even surpasses them in favor of the electric vehicle.

The best known company is perhaps Tesla, which sells its vehicles with great success all over the world and has even entered Israel. Tesla produces electric vehicles and improves them all the time, even after the vehicles have been bought, through computer updates that are carried out online and without the need to go to the garage. Tesla’s popularity is high and it is always at the top of the electric vehicle sales list in many places.

However, apart from Tesla, the major car companies have also begun to change their policies and in recent years they have been producing more electric vehicles, shifting production lines from conventional to electric ones and planning to gradually stop producing fuel-powered vehicles in the coming years.

Volkswagen, for example, produces very popular electric vehicles such as Volkswagen ID.3 Hers which has become one of the best sellers in Europe and now also in China. Volkswagen’s intention is to be a leader in sales of electric vehicles and has even set itself a goal of at least seventy percent of sales in Europe and at least half of sales in the United States and China in a few years.

The Nissan company has been producing its flagship model for many years – the Nissan Leaf, which is considered a huge success worldwide and is one of the best-selling electric vehicles. Nissan recently launched its plan for electric production for the coming years with several main models, with the goal in the next decade to increase the supply and reach a sales percentage of seventy-five percent of the European market, about half of the Asian market and also reach a reduction of polluting emissions by up to forty percent.

And what about Israel? There is Electric models Quite a few, and even here, Tesla is having success, but there are many other car manufacturers that offer different models, from a small car, through a family car to SUVs and sports cars – all fully electric. The electrical market in Israel is gaining momentum and every year the percentage of sales increases here as well.

These are vehicles that do not pollute and are also quieter, they have the most advanced technology and are very safe. In addition, in the last year, electric charging stations began to be added throughout the country and in a wide spread, both through government investments and through private investments by energy companies, so that the electric vehicle can be charged in more places than before and enjoy a smoother and longer trip.

There is no doubt that the car manufacturers have made a move that changes the face of global transportation and that is how our future will look everywhere. Israel joined this trend and although there is still much to be done here on the electrical issue, the first steps have already been taken towards an era of cleaner air and a pleasant environment for all of us here.

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