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Vacation in a vacation apartment or in a hotel?

Vacation is the ultimate timing to recharge batteries and return to routine with renewed strength. The concept that will be chosen for the vacation will definitely affect the enjoyment and success of the vacation.
There are different formats of accommodation styles from large hotels in the heart of the city or holiday destinations through intimate boutique hotels to rural B&Bs in moshavim and kibbutzim.

Why a holiday apartment hotel?

In recent years, more and more vacationers Choose a holiday in a holiday apartment – an apartment intended for vacation purposes. A vacation apartment hotel differs from a normal hotel or a building with apartments for short-term rental in that the entire purpose of the hotel is dedicated to the fact that the apartments are for vacation purposes and the hotel operates as a hotel – usually the hotel will have a small number of apartments to maintain privacy and a sense of intimacy.
However, the size is well felt in the area of ​​the apartment itself if not in the area of ​​the hotel. These are spacious accommodation rooms that are significantly larger than standard hotel rooms and the apartments are equipped for comfortable and practical accommodation.
For most, the hotel also allows a long-term rental period of apartments and for many, who recreate the magic again and again, it is a winning combination between home-style accommodation and the luxury of a hotel.
Includes cleaning services, reception desk, possibility of meals in the dining room with food delivered to the room, laundry services and more.

Who is a vacation in a vacation apartment suitable for?

A vacation apartment hotel is suitable for a diverse audience: business people who arrive at a destination for a business vacation and want to enjoy before and after work a place that will not feel like a cold and alienated hotel room and will allow them to work and spend time at the same time, families who need a large space and a well-equipped kitchen and couples or friends who are celebrating and looking for accommodation in a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

How to choose a recommended holiday apartment?

When you choose a holiday apartment hotel, you should mainly consider its location and make sure that it is strategic and attractive for you in terms of mobility. In what environment would you like to stay – is it in front of the sea, near green areas, near a business area or industrial sites and if you have a car does the hotel have an arranged nearby parking lot and if you are not mobile, is the hotel close to available means of transportation such as scooter rental stations, taxi stations, bus stations.
Take into account the composition of the participants and the suitability of the apartments offered for this composition in order to make sure that you are indeed entering one apartment or if more than one apartment must be rented and whether it is possible to request adjoining or connected apartments.
Check what the technical specifications of the apartment include in terms of equipment such as television, wireless internet connection, safe, wardrobe, kitchen – especially for a long stay and if there is a division into rooms versus a living room and what facilities the hotel offers. For example, dining room or dining services, laundry, gym, lounge, roof terrace.
Also pay attention to the view from the apartment and if there are any upgrades worth paying for. Like for example – an attached swimming pool or jacuzzi. If, for example, you intend to celebrate a festive event such as a bar/bat mitzvah, wedding night, bachelorette party – check if the hotel is prepared for this in terms of room decoration or converting the apartment into an intimate event.

Find out what the attractions are near the hotel so that you can go to them and not necessarily drive, such as Tel Aviv’s coastal strip, Charles Clore Garden, Tel Aviv Port, the picturesque Neve Tzedek neighborhood or the station complex. Entertainment that will be available to you. In addition, check under what conditions the apartment can be rented and for how long and at what cost, and if there are certain discounts for a longer stay, how the payment is calculated whether per guest or by type of apartment.
Do not skip recommendations and positive opinions of guests in order to understand if the place is indeed recommended for the type of stay you are looking for. Look at the photos and promotional videos to get an impression of the apartment and the architectural structure of the hotel itself.

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