The Minister of Labor signed off on shortening the working hours of interns in hospitals

Labor Minister Yoav Ben Tzur signed yesterday (Sunday) the permit for doctors employed on overtime shifts in medical establishments. After extensive headquarters work and in consultation with all the relevant parties, and among other things after a process of public comments.

According to the outline, the shortening of the shifts will begin in ten hospitals in the periphery with the concept that medicine in these areas must first be strengthened. According to the outline, the maximum length of a working day for a doctor on duty in hospitals in the periphery on weekdays will not exceed 19 hours, and up to a maximum of 21 hours (instead of the previous situation, before the amendment to the permit, of 26 working hours) starting this September in the professions specified in the permit.

Also, measurable conditions were set for the expansion of the shortcut outline to additional professions and additional hospitals, in order to ensure the realization and expansion of the permit to all hospitals in Israel while maintaining the supply of doctors in the periphery.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health is promoting plans to increase the supply of medical students and strengthen medicine in the periphery in order to increase the supply of doctors and while ensuring the ability to expand the outline to the whole country.

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