This is how you will design the bedroom in an interesting way

The sleeping kingdom of the house is the destination in the living environment where we find the desired peace and it is worth investing in the planning and design of the bedroom step by step on the way to achieving the desired attractive appearance.
Here is a concise, focused and practical guide on how to design a wonderful bedroom with a concept that you will love, while emphasizing aesthetics and practicality that go together. From choosing the bed to the complementary accessories. Create a place where you will enjoy opening and closing your eyes, day after day.

Luxury bed – the queen of the bedroom

Start your design project by choosing the colors of the space and the preferred color palette.
Ask yourself: do you want the space to be soft and inviting or more dramatic, perhaps using a dominant power wall in a color that contrasts with the other shades or with a special texture.
Most often this wall will be the wall against which the bed will be placed, which is the main item in the room and is the one that sets the tone and dictates the personality of the space.
Luxury beds have the power and strength to contribute to the space with their presence and bring with them a wide variety of features and advantages, starting from an irresistible look in a variety of styles – minimalist, luxurious, with velvet upholstery or decorative peripheral construction to unusual designs, including especially round versions, furniture made in Italy with unrivaled features such as the quality of the raw materials and spectacularly beautiful designs.
Look for a bed that will match its dimensions to the size, but will also serve you faithfully from the aspect of sleeping space to maximum comfort, raw materials with a long lifespan and an impressive design.
When planning and designing the room, pay special attention to the elements In the design of luxury beds that play an important role such as a headrest upholstered in leather or a pleasant fabric, decorative legs that raise the bed up, a spacious bedding box and more.
Address the issue of a balanced and correct connection between materials such as wooden construction together with upholstery as well as upgrading elements such as a quilted backrest in the noble European style of the past or the formality of the headrest together with the dimensions of the bed.

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Not on the bed alone

Besides the bed, you should consider the complementary design items that fill the space. For example, a wardrobe that will not take up a lot of space in tight spaces, and on the other hand will be able to serve you faithfully in terms of storage means and solutions. It is possible for relatively small rooms to choose wardrobes with a sliding door over a wing door that opens outward. Also, add a toilet corner or a make-up chest or a large mirror that is placed next to the bed for the purpose of organization, as well as storage solutions that function as independent objects in the space, such as a seating and storage bench or a separate shoe chest, a rack for hanging hats and coats. Don’t forget storage solutions such as sideboards or a TV stand if it is not hanging or fixed to the wall.

Dressing up the space and upgrading it

The bed itself has a significant presence and you may also want to add additional texture or color to it through textile items such as bedding, a blanket, bedspreads, decorative pillows that will add colorful and magical touches to the overall space.
Think also about the issue of lighting which is very important as well as complementary decorative items such as works of art, stylish vases, flower pots, beautiful clocks, a carpet at the foot of the bed, designed handles for the doors, a wooden wardrobe or perhaps floating shelves to hang on the walls, airy curtains that create an envelope for the window frame.

When planning the bedroom, choose from the beginning to purchase furniture from a leading design company, which imports furniture made outside of Italy, which is considered a design powerhouse and synonymous with quality when it comes to furniture for the home and bedrooms in particular. You can choose between models or make personal adjustments according to the given space and your personal needs and desires.

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