A deputy station commander and other police officers were injured during the riots in Tel Aviv watch

Disorderly conduct - Vandalism - Demonstration - Tel Aviv

Yesterday (Monday) during the rioting events in Tel Aviv, 14 policemen were injured as a result of the violence of the demonstrators, some of them were even evacuated to receive medical treatment at Ichilov Hospital.

The police officers who arrived to disperse a disturbance of protesters who set fire to the road, were violently attacked by the protesters at the Kaplan intersection, after they tried to arrest the suspect, on suspicion of arson, assaulting a police officer and possessing an explosive material.

The suspect who held a flare and lit it, was caught in the act by the police when he resisted the arrest, while the protesters gathered around the police and began attacking them with their hands and objects, deafening their ears with sonic means in order to prevent the arrest.

Sen. Avi Ofer, the deputy commander of the Tel Aviv Heart Station who was attacked during the arrest, was taken to Ichilov Hospital today suffering from injuries including a suspected tear and damage to the meniscus.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

Disorderly conduct - Vandalism - Demonstration - Tel Aviv
archives. Photo: Police spokeswoman

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