A rabbi from the south was arrested on suspicion of sexual offenses against minors

Arrest - Handcuffs - Suspect

In recent days, the Ofakim Police opened an investigation into suspected offenses of sexual harassment committed by a suspect who serves as the rabbi of a moshav in the south who sexually harassed a number of minors, aged 15-16, as part of the Torah study lessons he taught at the moshav.

As part of the investigation, it emerged that the suspect presented sexual accessories to the minors while offering them to use them for their personal satisfaction and in other cases he used to walk around naked in their presence.

The suspect, in his 30s, was arrested last night for questioning at the Ofakim station, and today (Tuesday) he was brought to a hearing before the Beer Sheva Magistrate’s Court, which extended his detention until 7/27/23. As for the publication of the suspect’s name, a stay of execution was granted in light of his defense attorney’s request.

Arrest - Handcuffs - Suspect
archives. Photo: Police spokeswoman

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