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Gallant to the American Secretary of Defense: “The State of Israel is a strong democracy”

Yoav Galant - Lloyd Austin

Defense Minister Yoav Galant spoke this evening (Tuesday) with American Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. The two discussed the regional challenges and the state of the IDF’s competence.

Defense Minister Galant emphasized to the Secretary of Defense that now alongside the defense of the state, his main task together with the heads of the defense establishment is to unite the ranks and maintain the competence of the IDF in the face of the many security challenges.

The Minister of Defense added that the State of Israel is a strong democracy, and will remain so in the future. The Minister of Defense raised the importance of completing the sale of the Arrow 3 system from Israel to Germany for the defense establishment.

The two discussed IDF activities in Jenin. Minister Gallant said that as far as the security system is concerned, a functioning Palestinian Authority carrying out its tasks in its territory is an Israeli security interest. At the same time, he emphasized that wherever the PA does not control, the IDF will continue to operate at all times.

Defense Minister Gallant thanked the Secretary of Defense and the American administration for their extensive support for Israel’s security and their commitment to maintaining the qualitative advantage of the security system throughout the Middle East.

Yoav Galant - Lloyd Austin
archives. Photography: Ariel Harmoni

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