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Grants and salary increases: three new agreements for Coca-Cola Israel employees

Collective agreement - the Histadrut - Coca-Cola Israel

The Histadrut, the management of the Central Soft Drinks Company (Coca-Cola Israel) and the representatives of the company’s workers’ councils signed three collective bargaining agreements for the company’s employees. The agreements will apply to approximately 2000 employees, and will be valid until June 2025. Within the framework of the agreements that were drawn up in three negotiations with the workers’ committees of the sectors: production, distribution and sales, the rights of the employees and their conditions were improved on many levels. The agreements are a continuation of the wage agreement signed by the company about a year ago, and provide job security to its employees for the coming years.

The company’s employees will receive an upgrade in their wages and economic conditions. For example, the workers of the production company employed at the Coca-Cola plant in Bnei Brak will receive a further upgrade in their wages (an addition to the collective agreement signed last year), an increase in payment for work on Fridays and holidays from 150% to 160% (and on Saturdays and holidays from 160% to 185%), wages will be doubled for sudden calls to the drivers (150% on Saturdays). In addition, seniority stations were determined in six per employee (in the tenth year of seniority – the employee will be entitled to receive a watch, in the 25th and 40th years a grant equal to the monthly salary).

For the employees of the distribution and sales company spread over seven logistics centers throughout the country, the catering conditions (Sivos) were upgraded, drivers’ and drivers’ rewards were improved and an additional commitment to work was agreed upon, which is expressed in a gross increase to the salary throughout the year (between NIS 500-800 per month). Also, in front of the employees of the distribution company, it was agreed to bring forward the date of the second pulse to the wage increase that was signed in the agreement last year, and it will be paid already in the salary of the month of October 2023.

Employees and interns of the sales sector in the company that handles the restaurant business will receive additional commissions (400 NIS and 300 NIS respectively), as will employees who meet the targets of business zip codes (400 NIS). In addition, for working more than 4.5 hours on Fridays, the employees will receive compensation of 250 shekels, and if they work five or more Fridays in the same year, the amount of compensation will be doubled to 500 shekels per month.

The chairman of the Food and Pharmaceutical Federation, Eliezer Blue: “We are proud of the move that gives industrial peace to a company of this size, and at the same time gives job security to thousands of employees. The agreements prove that the existing human capital in the company is an integral part of its success. The agreements dealt with the welfare of the employees, an increase for Fridays and holidays and rewards for sudden calls. I thank the three employee committees, and the union staff for the commitment to bring achievements to the company’s employees. I would also like to thank the managements of the companies for conducting intensive, serious and respectful negotiations in order to reach agreements, and for the financial contribution to them.”

The chairman of the sales company’s employees’ committee, Yoram Moshayov: “With great effort and after months of prolonged and joint work, a new agreement was forged between the employees and the company, which integrates the needs of the employees and the ambitions of the company that operates in a vibrant market full of challenges. I would like to thank the company’s management, VP of Sales Ami Avital and VP of Human Resources, Samdar Kirstol, who together reached solutions and agreements. A huge thank you to the chairman of the Food and Pharmaceutical Workers Union in the Histadrut, Eliezer Bello, to attorney Moran Saburai and the team members

Ohad Fish, Hanna Guetta and Moshe Cohen who worked day and night for the success of the negotiations. Another thanks to all the employees for their support, trust and encouragement.”

The chairman of the distribution company’s workers’ committee, Shimon Suisa: “I want to thank the members of our management for their cooperation. The collective agreement puts us – the workers – at the center of the company’s actions and success. The agreement expresses the fact that the strength of the company and its future rest on the employees. The conduct of the negotiations shows that it is possible and necessary to reach understandings for the benefit of the company’s success and progress, hand in hand with its employees. Many thanks to the members of the Histadrut who helped, supported and directed the formation of the agreement, and in particular to the chairman of the union, Eliezer Blue.”

Chairman of the workers’ council of the distribution company, Shimon Marli: “An excellent agreement was signed with high wage increases and many parameters that will guarantee our economic and employment future. The agreement is the result of the understanding and cooperation between all the parties who saw both the good of the company and the good of the employees. Thanks to the Chairman of the Food and Pharmaceutical Workers Union, Eliezer Blue, to Attorney Reot Idan and Naor Kakun from the Ramat Gan region of the Histadrut. In addition, a big thank you to attorney Moran Saburai who represented all the employee committees in the company, and of course to the Coca-Cola management for their willingness and giving.”

The Central Company for the Production of Soft Drinks Ltd., also known as Coca-Cola Israel, is a manufacturer and marketer as well as the exclusive franchisee in Israel of the Coca-Cola Company and various beers such as Toburg and Carlsberg, and owns several other food and beverage companies.

The negotiations for the formation of the agreement were conducted on behalf of the Histadrut by: the chairman of the Food and Pharmaceutical Workers Union, Eliezer Belo, the division managers of the union, attorney Reot Idan and Ariel Barnea, and the secretary of the trade union in the Ramat-Gan-Bnei Brak area, Noor Kakon. The workers’ committees of the Central Beverage Company were represented as legal counsel by Moran Saburai, an attorney.

The Central Beverage Company was represented by: VP of Human Resources, Sharon Ratni and her team, VP of Operations Guy Rufa and his team, and VP of Sales, Ami Avital and his team.

Collective agreement - the Histadrut - Coca-Cola Israel
Photo: Histadrut Spokesperson

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