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The all-time record for electricity demand in Israel was broken

Electricity pole - high voltage - the electric company

Today (Tuesday), at 14:51 an all-time record of electricity demand in Israel was set at 15,348 megawatts. The previous peak demand was set yesterday, and was 14,961 megawatts. According to research data from the Nega company, half of the demand for electricity resulted from the use of air conditioners.

The production mix at the moment of breaking the record:

Natural gas – 8,767 megawatts
Solar energy – 2,983 megawatts
Coal – 2,893 megawatts
Thermo solar – 265 megawatts
Wind – 86 megawatts
Pumped storage – 302
Reserve -3,560 megawatts

The heat wave in July this year is longer than average and is still in full swing. Just yesterday the all-time record was broken, and today, electricity consumption broke another record and for the first time exceeded the 15,000 megawatt mark
The demand peak may be broken again within days.

Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, MK Israel Katz: “The current record in electricity consumption, set on the hottest days of the year, proves once again that our energy economy is strong, meets the high demands resulting from the growth of the economy and the electrification trend, and maintains a normal supply. The production of electricity from renewable energies, which also broke a record, indicates that we are on the right path and as I have said more than once, energy is power, and in accordance with the policy I have established, the office headed by me will continue to promote massive production of renewable energies. I congratulate the Nega company and the entire electricity sector for the achievement and call on all parties, from the public and private sectors, to join hands and climb to new heights in promoting the renewable energy goals of the State of Israel.”

Electricity pole - high voltage - the electric company
Illustration. Photo: Live flash news

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