The unifying and moving war song of the national singer: “Am Yisrael Chai” – listen

Eyal Golan - Israel's people live

Eyal Golan strengthens the people of Israel in these difficult days and releases a new song – “Am Yisrael Chai”.

In recent days, Eyal Golan has been working non-stop to strengthen the people of Israel as much as possible these days, between comforting the grieving, visiting the wounded, performing for soldiers at the bases and meeting with the residents of the Gaza Strip.

Now, he continues his efforts to make the people of Israel happy and strong and releases a new song “Am Yisrael Chai” accompanied by an exciting music video that presents the people of Israel at the height of its glory and unity.

The song was written and composed by Avi Ohion and Ofir Cohen. All proceeds from the song will be donated to the Aran association, which provides psychological assistance to soldiers, children, the elderly and anyone who needs it.

Eyal Golan - Israel's people live
Eyal Golan - Israel's people live

Eyal Golan said: “When you listen to this song, I want you to close your eyes and imagine the day after, because it will come, the unity we will take with us, the peace between us, the free love and the new country that will be built here thanks to each and every one of you. This song is for you, to strengthen you and give you another reason to believe that when all this ends in the end when our strength is great and enormous, we will keep the glue and unity that does not exist anywhere else in the world like here, and only with our heads held high and proud. We will win, there is no other option, we have no other country. Israel Lives.”

Words – “Am Yisrael lives”

The sun will rise soon
We will know better days than these
The heart fights with worries
Everyone will return home
We will wait for them downstairs
I wish we had good news

Because the eternal people are never afraid
Even when it’s hard to see
Everyone is together, no one here is alone
May the wars burn

Israel Lives
If we don’t forget to always be united
Israel Lives
Ups and downs even in the most difficult hours

The Holy One, blessed be He, protects us
So who can over us
Because we no longer have a country
Make peace, our sons
Take care of our children
Because the faith was not lost

Oh my land is our inheritance
Our spirit will not fall now
Around iron of swords
And a dove will spread its wings
The hope is from the 2000s
We will go out to sing in the streets

Because the eternal people are never afraid
Even if it’s hard to see
Everyone is together, no one here is alone
We will sing in the streets


Eyal Golan – Am Yisrael Hai (prod.By offir.cohen)
Lyrics and music: Avi Ohion and Ofir Cohen
Arrangement and musical production: Ofir Cohen and Shimon Yahya
Programming and keyboards: and Ofir Cohen and Shimon Yahya
Guitars and bass guitar: Shimon Yahya
Additional pianos: Ofir Cohen
Voices: Ofir Cohen, Daniel Greenberg, Nathaniel Moyal and Udi Guetta
Mixing and mastering: Ofir Cohen

Exclusive representation of Liam Productions Ltd
Personal management: Udi Guetta
Public Relations: Ran Rahav Communications and Public Relations
Nathaniel Moyal Communications Public Relations

Graphic design and clip production: AVOXVISION
New Media: MOBILE1 music
Digital distribution: Linkton

All rights reserved to Liam Productions Ltd

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