A chilling song specially produced by the Israel Police – dedicated to our heroes


“Forever”, a song performed by Atara Oriya in a special production by the Israel Police to commemorate the heroism of the police officers and soldiers of the Border Guard, who stood like a wall and protected with their bodies the surrounding area of ​​Gaza and the south.

The song was written by the composer and performed by the singer Atara Uria and it was produced by Ivri Lider and Ariel Tuchman at the request of the Israel Police.

This song is dedicated to our heroes – guarding the house and winning together at the front!


Words: Atara Oriya
Composer: Atara Uria and Ariel Tuchman
Musical production: Ariel Tuchman and Ebri Lider
Adaptation: Ariel Tuchman
Artistic management: Gadi Gidor
Editing: Moshe Halio

Percussion: Gilad Dobretsky
Bass: Elad Sickel
Voices: Atara Uria and Ariel Tuchman
Programming, guitars, keyboards, mixing: Ariel Tuchman
Mastering: Ronen Hillel

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