The singer’s daughter passed away, “without words.” I have nothing more to say. heart broken”

May her memory be blessed - she will be remembered

Maayan Kala is missing, the daughter of the singer Itzik Kala passed away prematurely today (Monday). She was laid to rest this evening at Nes Harim Regional Cemetery.

Producer and creator Shlomi Smuka expressed deep sorrow over Maayan’s death and wrote on his Facebook page: “I am speechless. I have nothing more to say. Itzik Kala, my dear friend. I share so much in the heavy sadness of the tragic death of your amazing daughter Maayan Kala Moalem!!! Until you recovered a bit from a cursed illness and decided to return to the stage and we closed your show with us. You received a severe blow and lost your precious daughter Maayan I am speechless. heart broken Itzik and Ziona, my darlings, my heart goes out to you.”

The local council of Tzur Hadassah said: “Blessed is the truth, we share in the grief of the Kalam and Moalem families, in the passing of the late Maayan. The funeral will take place today, Monday, 8th in Hashvan, 10/23/23, at 4:45 p.m., at the Nes Harim Regional Cemetery. Shiva sits at 11 Saipan Street, Tzur Hadassah. Hugging, strengthening and hoping you will never know any more sorrow.”

The singer Itzik Kala did not sing for four years due to dealing with cancer of the vocal cords. Only in the last few months he returned to appear on the stages. 15 years ago he almost lost his wife in an attack after she was seriously injured in 2012 when terrorists threw stones at her car. She was unconscious for 15 days and the doctors had already told him that “she has no chance”.


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