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Berkovic: “Ground entry into Gaza now is unnecessary, release the kidnapped first”

Eyal Berkovich

Former soccer player and TV presenter Eyal Berkovich calls for the immediate return of the abductees held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip and warned against ground entry of IDF soldiers into the Gaza Strip.

20 days have passed since that cursed Saturday when over 1,400 people were massacred by Hamas terrorists and more than 220 were kidnapped. Since then, the IDF has dropped thousands of powerful bombs across the Gaza Strip and continues to do so even now, at the same time as a complete blockade that includes cutting off water, fuel and electricity supplies.

The Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff defined at the beginning of the war that the goal was to destroy Hamas, meaning the destruction of its military and governmental capabilities in the Gaza Strip. To this end, they made it clear at the political and military level that Israel would have to go for a ground operation that would take at least several months, some even say years. Many forces are waiting at the border of the Gaza Strip for the order to enter the Gaza Strip, but until this moment there is no expectation and it is not at all clear if this will happen. We will emphasize that Israel is under pressure from many parties, including the United States, which is asking Israel to wait with the move.

Cutter, who is working to forge a deal for the release of the abductees, clarified yesterday that ground entry into the Gaza Strip would make the move very difficult. On the other hand, there are also those who threaten to escalate the situation if Israel goes deep into Gaza, and that is the Shiite terrorist organization Hezbollah from the north. Additional threats were also heard from Iran’s partners in the region such as Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

In the demonstration held today (Thursday) for the return of the abducted and the missing, Berkovic also participated, who clarified that “ground entry into Gaza now is unnecessary.” According to him, “You don’t need to enter Gaza, you need to return the captives first. (addressing Netanyahu) Think every morning when you wake up that your son is in Gaza, think every night when you go to sleep that there are 250 people there. There is no need to enter Gaza now. You have to return them first. You have to think, entering Gaza another 200-400 soldiers will be killed, another 200 people will be kidnapped, you have to think about these abductees first. Leave now you now from the entrance to Gaza. It won’t bring back the 1,400 dead, it won’t bring back the kidnapped. They keep saying ‘yes to enter, no to enter’. First of all, we need to take care of these abductees.”

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