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Suffering from condyloma? There is no point in stressing! As of today, there are all the advanced laser technologies to remove the condyloma, all the comprehensive information and all the branches near your home that will help you cope.

Condyloma is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the world, caused by infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV). The condyloma manifests itself in bumps on both the female and male genitalia. Infection with the papilloma virus is the most common and millions of people contract it every year through unprotected sexual contact. Without prompt treatment, the condyloma may spread and infect others and in some cases even become pre-cancerous and cancerous cells in the cervix and vulva. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the condyloma as early as possible and treat it in the most effective way. Many clinical studies have proven that the most effective and fastest treatment for condyloma warts is their removal using advanced laser technology that allows the treatment to be adjusted precisely to the size and location of the lesion. The treatment removes the lesions from the root and strengthens the immune system, you can find advanced laser centers at Doctor Chen site centers located nationwide for Condyloma treatment Blazer in: Givatayim, Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, Beer Sheva, Haifa, Rehovot, Kiryat Haim, Karmiel, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Rishon Lezion, Kiryat Motzkin, Kiryat Bialik.

What is condyloma?

The papilloma virus is one of the most common in the world and is transmitted through unprotected sexual contact. Both men and women may be exposed to the papilloma virus. (The virus has more than 100 strains of which about 40 tend to attack the moist tissues in the groin and genital area where they thrive). Some of the strains may develop and turn into highly contagious condyloma warts that spread quickly, while a small portion of the strains (11 and 16) may cause malignant changes in the skin cells and lead to the development of cervical cancer. Not every infection with the papilloma virus will necessarily lead to the development of condylomas and in these cases, the carriers of the virus will never know that they are transmitting the virus during sexual intercourse. The codyloma appears on the skin as a single lesion or as a cluster of warts. In women, the warts will appear in the area of ​​the lips, vagina, cervix and anus and in men on the testicles and penis. The warts may lead to an unpleasant sensation of itching and even bleeding during intercourse.

What are the symptoms of condyloma?

A condyloma is a wart that appears on the genitals of women and men who have been infected with the human papilloma virus. In men, the warts will appear in the penis, testicles, groin and anus and in women the condyloma warts will appear on the lips, cervix, vagina, groin and anus, they can be identified by Condyloma pictures . Codyloma warts appear as skin-colored fleshy lesions that are soft to the touch and several millimeters in size. Usually, the appearance of warts is accompanied by severe feelings of guilt, shame and fear of infecting the couple.

Condyloma treatment

When the symptoms of codyloma appear, it is important to take care of quick treatment, due to the tendency of the warts to spread and multiply quickly, as well as to infect those who come in contact with them (usually, during unprotected sex). In addition, studies have found that 90% of the risk factors for cervical cancer stem from the lack of prompt treatment for condyloma warts. Among the common treatment methods for condyloma:

Removal of condyloma in liquid nitrogen

The treatment is carried out by placing liquid nitrogen on the wart and freezing it. Especially effective in cases of small and multiple warts on the genitals. Often, the treatment involves the formation of a white scar.

Surgical removal of condyloma

Surgical removal of codyloma is suitable for warts that appear in clusters that look like small cauliflowers. Wart removal is performed under local anesthesia, during which the doctor makes incisions to remove the warts. After that, the area will be sutured and the recovery will continue in the following weeks. This procedure involves a lot of pain and scarring.

Condyloma removal with an electric needle

This procedure is performed under local or full anesthesia. The burning is done on top of the warts. This procedure results in the development of a scab and its drying and the regeneration of the skin in the treated area to a uniform and smooth appearance. This procedure is suitable for small warts only and involves pain.

Condyloma removal with advanced laser technology

This treatment is considered the most effective and fastest. The treatment is intended for both individual warts and clusters of warts. The laser technology allows precise adjustment of the laser beams to the location of the wart, its size and depth. The precise treatment stops the spread of the condyloma and helps strengthen the immune system and eliminate the virus from the body. The recovery procedure after laser condyloma removal treatment is quick and easy and returning to routine is possible already on the day of the treatment.

Advantages of condyloma removal treatment with advanced laser technology

  • strengthens the immune system – The treatment helps the immune system to deal with the HPV virus and eliminate it from the body.
  • Stopping the spread of condyloma – The laser treatment stops the spread of the lesions in the fastest and most efficient way and prevents further infection.
  • Quick return to normal – Return to routine is possible already on the day of the treatment without side effects or pain.
  • without the need for anesthesia or stitches.
  • Safe treatment – The laser treatment is approved by all the strictest safety and health standards in the world, including CE, FDA and the Israeli Ministry of Health, and it has been proven to be the most effective treatment for condyloma.
  • without pain – The intensity of the device is regulated according to the type of wart, its size and location, therefore, there is no pain, only a momentary and almost imperceptible heating/burning sensation.
  • Clinically proven effectiveness – Studies have proven that this is the best and most advanced treatment that helps the immune system overcome the virus.
  • Suitable for any skin type and color
  • Performed in the clinic without the need for an operating room
  • A small number of treatments – The treatment with laser technology is considered to be the most effective and fastest compared to any other method, therefore, a small number of treatments is needed to get optimal results.

Condyloma treatment – as quickly as possible, as close to home:

Condyloma is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the world. Infection with the disease often leads to the development of lesions on the genitals. These warts require quick treatment since they can spread quickly and infect anyone who comes in contact with them during unprotected sex. In addition, certain strains of Papilloma virus lead to the development of pre-cancerous or cancerous cells. Treatment with laser technology has been proven to be the most effective and fastest, leading to the removal of the lesions and the strengthening of the immune system. The experts of the network of aesthetic and medical centers on the Doctor Chen site, successfully remove the condyloma lesions quickly and efficiently using the most advanced laser technologies in the world that allow the treatment to be adjusted to the size and location of the lesion for optimal results.

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