The police: a false message is sent via SMS to citizens, we are working to locate the source

Policeman - center - police - call

The Israel Police is warning this evening (Friday) about SMS messages that many citizens in the country are receiving from an anonymous sender posing as a message to the “police” which allegedly warns of a rocket attack and instructs them to enter shelters.

The police emphasize that these are false messages intended to cause panic in the public during wartime.

The police call on the public not to reply to these messages, to ignore the plan and to block the number from which the message was sent.

Policeman - center - police - call
Photo: Police spokeswoman

The Israel Police emphasizes that it will use all the tools at its disposal to enforce the law that prohibits the distribution/chaining of messages of this type, which constitutes a criminal offense, accompanied by imprisonment, and will deal with any party that takes part in inciting activity or sowing panic in the public during wartime.

The Israel Police is now working to locate the source of the messages, block them and prosecute the party behind them.

An example of an SMS message

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