The attack in Jerusalem: Sergeant Rose died of her wounds on the way to the hospital, an MGB soldier was moderately injured

Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital

Today (Monday) two MGB soldiers who were injured in an attack in the Old City of Jerusalem were evacuated to the trauma unit at Hadassah Mount Scopus. The MGB fighter, Sergeant Ross Elisheva Rose Ida Lubin, who was mortally wounded, died of her wounds on the way to the hospital. R.I.P. The second injured, an MGB fighter who was moderately injured in his hand, is fully conscious and hospitalized for further treatment.

Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital
Hadassah Mount Scopus. archives. Photo: Dr. Avishai Teicher

The Commissioner: “Rose is the 59th Space of the Israel Police, a warrior with courage”

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