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How can writing marketing content increase the conversion rate 3 times?

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How can writing marketing content increase the conversion rate 3 times?

It doesn’t matter if you are in the process of building a website, a landing page for a campaign or even sitting down to design an image presentation, the content must be attractive and motivate action. Let’s see how to start the process of writing marketing content and how to combine winning copywriting that makes customers open their wallets.

Marketing content writing services have become an essential service for businesses in recent years. With the advent of the Internet world, many businesses realized that they had to demonstrate an online presence with the well-known slogan “If you’re not there, you don’t exist.” But very quickly they realized that a beautiful website helps the image, but Writing content Good marketing is the one that motivates the surfer to action, therefore it has an unforgivable importance.

What is content marketing and why is it so critical?

One of the prominent roles born with the introduction of the Internet world, is content writers. That

Their role is to interview the client or someone from the business to clearly explain to the surfers what the business does, what its values ​​are, who the founders are and in general any text that may be relevant to the surfer and make him understand where he has arrived and impress him with the service provider. It can be compared to a sales manager who greets us at a car dealership. He introduces himself, tells about the brand and then explains about the type of vehicle that interests us.

So we understood what writing marketing content is and what its advantages are, now let’s see how to write marketing content that motivates action

A little, striking and clear

Marketing content must be very short and clear. The longer it is, the higher the chance you will lose the surfer. Try to carefully choose each word, delete unnecessary or repetitive words and sentences that do not serve your purpose. Be focused on selling by creating copywriting Which tells about the benefits of the service and conveys the message in a targeted way.

Give the surfer a slight push

Surfers don’t always know what to do, sometimes they hesitate, have dilemmas or have been hurt by previous suppliers, so have a dialogue with the surfers and explain to them exactly what to do. 2 business days an expert will get back to you for personal advice.’ Another option is to give a registration discount, it does the job.

Speak the language of the target audience

When we feel a sense of belonging to someone, it is easy for us to identify and purchase or proceed with a transaction. Make sure to write authentic content that speaks the language of your target audience in terms of words and jargon, including certain slang that belongs to your audience. Like a hair care product, use the words “hysterical”, “especially for you” and so on.

Combine drive buttons for action

In the process of writing marketing content, be sure to incorporate push-to-action buttons – is this critical? Why? Imagine a situation where the surfer is already interested in your service, but cannot find the contact person. He won’t spend too much time searching, he’ll just go out without any qualms and it’s a shame. On landing pages and marketing articles, be sure to include the contact us step, at least 3 times on a scrolling page after 1-2 sessions.

Hire a content writer to write professional marketing content for you

Many times business owners write marketing content themselves, perhaps because they think that only they know the business well enough to write about it or save costs. It is important to understand that this is a mistake, because a professional writer will be able to make the page much more salesy and get the most out of your campaign. Many times business owners pay a lot of money for campaigns, the surfers arrive unimpressed or do not understand the value of the service/product and the budgets were simply wasted.

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