The chef admits and confesses: “I am ashamed and ask for forgiveness, I pray that the Creator of the world will forgive me”

Chef Meir Adoni

Chef Meir Adoni published yesterday (Friday) before Shabbat, an emotional post on social networks in which he confessed that the shocking massacre committed by Hamas-ISIS on Saturday October 7 changed his mind completely.

“I am. Meir, sir. Son of mother Sima and father Menachem! Born in 1973. I admit and confess that I was one of the zeros who supported and preached peace!” My lord opened his post and continued, “For 30 years of my life I have traveled the world, peace camps in Norway, Jordan, Israel and in general in Israel and the world. Father of 8 children. The eldest is 22 years old and the youngest is two years old.”

“I dreamed delusional dreams about a beautiful, quiet world, full of goodness and love! A world that does not exist for a Jew and an Israeli” says my Lord and continues “I paid a huge, personal price for these beliefs! Terrible things were thrown at me. I lost clients and campaigns. But I clung to the delusional stupidity that I wanted to believe in.”

Adoni says that the event of the shocking massacre caused a profound internal change within him, “on October 7 at 6:30 in the morning Meir Adoni passed away. A minute later another Meir was born. Meir strikes a sin. Meir who is ashamed that he was part of the delusion of the delusional leftists who do not understand that we are surrounded by monsters of extreme Islam who have no interest in peace and normality but only a desire to burn us alive! Ashamed and asking for forgiveness from my people that I took part in the great fraud of the left. I pray that God will forgive me. The nation of Israel lives and exists only thanks to itself and our strength in our unity! We must destroy to the end the monsters of Hamas and their assistants! The people of Israel live forever and ever!!! Shabbat Shalom”.

Meir Adoni's post
Meir Adoni’s post
Chef Meir Adoni
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