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Recommended hotels in Eilat

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The Astral chain is one of the oldest chains in the city, operating recommended hotels in Eilat since 1995. Whether you have already stayed with them and especially if not, we wanted to introduce you to the chain’s variety of wonderful hotels.

Each of them offers a different and special vacation. In a unique atmosphere suitable for each person and the vacation he is looking for. Above all, the chain’s hotels are an oasis of calm and peace, a disconnection – even if only slightly – from the stress that accompanies us all these days.

Recommended hotels in Eilat of the Astral chain

  • Astral Nirvana Swiss Hotel – a premium half-board hotel, with varied, impressive and delicious breakfasts and dinners. which offers rooms that can accommodate families consisting of a couple + four children. In addition, the hotel offers an indoor and heated swimming pool in winter, water facilities, a club and entertainment for children throughout the day. This is an ideal hotel for couples looking for peace and quiet, while the children enjoy continuous activity.
  • Astral Nirvana Club Hotel – this is another hotel that operates on a premium half board basis. The hotel itself is located in an ideal spot; Close to the shopping centers in the city so that when you want to leave it, you will have very easy access to the surrounding points of interest. Also in this hotel you will find a swimming pool, children’s club, activities and more.
  • Queen of Sheba Hotel – does it sound familiar to you? This is because it is the old and famous hotel that has been taken over by the chain, and now offers a quality vacation at a high standard.
  • Astral Maris Hotel – the hotel next to the promenade and the northern beach in the city, the most favorite location for visitors. The hotel is known for its pool overlooking the sea and the Edom Mountains, and the spectacular sunset seen from it. This is a hotel that offers an intimate and peaceful vacation experience, and is suitable mainly for couples.
  • Astral Village Hotel – 186 detached rooms make the hotel a real village, in the center of which is a swimming pool with quick and friendly access from the rooms. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful, and hammocks, sunbeds and pampering seating areas are scattered throughout the hotel. Apart from these you will find a children’s club and entertainment activities.
  • Astral Palma Hotel – one of the chain’s suite hotels, located in the lagoon area of ​​Eilat, not far from the Ice Mall. The hotel is very suitable for families with children and offers rooms, some of which can accommodate a couple + four children.
  • Aria Hotel – this is the luxurious and impressive suite hotel of the chain. It is adjacent to the Red Sea Mall and offers an ultimate vacation for both couples and families with children looking for spacious rooms. The hotel has a large pool, a pampering spa, activities for children, direct access to the beach and proximity to the main areas of the city.

Ready to start packing?

The Astral hotel chain operates a variety Recommended hotels in Eilat Each of which offers a different concept for peace, ventilation, even a smile, even in this period. It’s time to take a look at the chain’s website and check out promotions, which are published throughout the year both during holidays and summer vacations. Give yourself a gift, remember that it’s okay to want to vent even a little bit from the harsh reality that has befallen us. waiting for you.

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