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Food ready for Shabbat in Jerusalem – when would we like to use this service and how can we do it


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Those who walk around the neighborhoods of Jerusalem on Fridays, before Shabbat, can smell the smell of cooking from the windows of the houses. Families work hard on cooking for Friday evening’s Kiddush as well as for Shabbat meals. They invest time and a lot of effort to cook and prepare large and sumptuous meals for all family members. All the more so if the meal is to include relatives or friends.

There are those who choose, from time to time or regularly, to take it easy on themselves and avoid hard work. Instead of buying groceries and toiling in the kitchen to cook a meal himself, he turns to businesses that provide ready-to-eat meals. This way he can both save himself time and trouble, and also offer his family members and guests, prepared, high-quality, tasty and special food.

The idea of ​​purchase Food ready for Shabbat in Jerusalem , has become very popular over the years. You can find complexes, restaurants, shops, stalls and professionals in the field of cooking, who offer for the weekend and especially on Friday, the possibility to order and purchase prepared food of various types. Although it is a financial expense, if you act correctly financially, it can be more economical and certainly allows you to save time that can be used for other things, trouble and effort.

When would we like to order food prepared for Shabbat in Jerusalem?

There are various cases in which we would like to buy I can sit down And not to prepare it ourselves, here are several examples of when it pays off:

Lack of time – if during the whole week you are busy with work, studies or other things, and do not manage to make time to buy cooking products and certainly for the cooking itself, then buying ready-made food is an ideal solution for the Shabbat meal.

A large number of guests – if you decide to have a large meal and invite family members, friends and other guests, then it would be more correct to order prepared food in advance and not spend time cooking. This also frees up time to take care of other things related to the meal.

Medical reasons – let’s say you are dealing with a medical problem or something like that, so instead of burdening your body, it is better to order food from an external source.

A treat – ordering ready-made food for Shabbat in Jerusalem and in general, it’s a kind of treat that can be enjoyed from time to time. Certainly if you go to the right place.

How do you order sit down food?

In order to order Shabbat food, you must pay attention to several things:

First, you have to decide what the menu will include, how many dishes it will include and of what type. You can find a menu that includes regular dishes and you can find a menu that includes dishes with sectarian or other characteristics.

Second, check how many diners are supposed to be at the meal, in order for the order to be adjusted in terms of quantity. The meal should include individual dishes for each diner as well as dishes for the whole table (for example, salads).

Thirdly, it is important to make the order on time and not wait for the last minute. Therefore, it is better to perform it in the middle of the week and not later. Otherwise the place will have a hard time providing it.

Four, it is important to make sure we have a place to store the food before the meal and the leftovers that will be left at the end.

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