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Indictment: Molotov cocktails were thrown at Arab homes in Jerusalem

The State Attorney’s Office submitted to the Jerusalem District Court an indictment against Haim Abramson, a 25-year-old resident of the city, for throwing Molotov cocktails at various locations in the city, including the Magistrate’s Court and Arab homes, during the “Iron Swords” war. An indictment was also filed against his friend Shimon Cohen, a 19-year-old resident of Bnei Brak, the accused who assisted him in one of the cases. At the same time, the prosecutor’s office asked to arrest the two defendants until the end of the legal proceedings against them.

Abramson is charged with the crimes of a terrorist act of aggravated malicious wounding, using a weapon for the purpose of terrorism, a terrorist act of arson, carrying a weapon, arson and assaulting a public servant under aggravated circumstances. Cohen is charged with the offenses of aiding a terrorist act of aggravated sabotage, operating with a weapon for the purpose of terrorism and aiding a terrorist act of arson.

According to the indictments, filed through attorney Shai Etzion from the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office (criminal), in October Abramson threw dozens of Molotov cocktails at several locations in Jerusalem. On one occasion he shared with his friend Shimon Cohen his intention to harm Arab residents, and the two bought products for making Molotov cocktails. Abramson prepared the Molotov cocktails, begged Cohen to join him in committing the acts and Cohen asked him to stop his actions.

Abramson continued with his plan, and threw Molotov cocktails at three houses of Arab residents in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and they caught fire near the houses. About a week later, Abramson threw Molotov cocktails at a post office in the city’s Geula neighborhood, and these caused damage to the door of the branch. A few days later, Molotov cocktails were thrown at a Bank Leumi branch in the Mea Shearim neighborhood and at a Mercantile Bank, and they damaged the doors of the branches. Later, he threw Molotov cocktails towards the city’s Magistrate’s Court, which caused a fire at the front door and damage to the checkpoint. One of the bottles shattered and caught fire near the window of the security guards, who were present in the room at the time. After his arrest, the accused cursed and attacked one of the guards.

Chaim Abramson indictment

Shimon Cohen indictment

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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