Shas Chairman Aryeh Deri: "Enough with politics, it causes injustice and harms the soldiers" - watch - MivzakLive News

Shas Chairman Aryeh Deri: “Enough with politics, it causes injustice and harms the soldiers” – watch

Aryeh Deri

Shas chairman Rabbi Aryeh Deri said today at the Shas faction meeting in the Knesset: “I call on all members of the Knesset – enough! Leave politics for this period. Those who are acting now from political considerations are causing a great injustice and harming the soldiers of the IDF. I call on all the residents of the house to get under the stretcher.’

The chairman of Shas MK Rabbi Aryeh Deri also said: “We are at war. The IDF is in full force in Gaza in the north and Yosh. There are also special operations conducted by the army to catch and kill Hamas terrorists. In the north, Hezbollah is trying to challenge us, and there the army is reacting strongly and eliminating terrorists. We pay a heavy price, not a day goes by that we don’t lose fighters. The soldiers should be strengthened for many prayers. Everyone remembers how Maran Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Zechar Tsaddik would weep for every soldier who was killed. How he would pray for them, just like his sons. They give their lives for the people of Israel. We continue in his path and I hear about many initiatives of our representative who adopt soldiers and study for their success.”

According to MK Deri: “Those who make political considerations or political actions cause a great injustice to the people of Israel, harm the soldiers of the IDF and harm the victory power of the people of Israel. I call all the residents of this house – enough! Leave politics for this period. We do not change prime ministers or change governments. On the contrary, we expand governments. From the beginning, I worked for Benny Gantz, Gadi Eisenkot and Gideon Sa’ar to enter the government and I congratulate them for that, and now they all have to be hired. I call on everyone – Lapid, Lieberman, and others, it’s time to get under the stretcher – unconditionally. We will do all the politics later. We have a big task ahead of us and we must be united. Any separation harms the IDF and our efforts to fulfill the national tasks”.

Aryeh Deri
archives. Photo: Ministry of the Interior, Prime Minister’s Office

Photo: Dovrat Shas

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