Two residents of Haifa and Kiryat Haim are accused of producing dozens of Molotov cocktails

Molotov cocktails - Kiryat Haim - Police

The Criminal Prosecutor’s Office in the Haifa district submitted (Monday) to the city’s district court an indictment against Miroslav Turok, 23, from Haifa, and Nathanel Cohen, 27, from Kiryat Haim, after they produced dozens of Molotov cocktails. At the same time, the prosecutor’s office asked to arrest the two defendants until the end of the legal proceedings against them.

The indictment filed by attorney Assala Darosha, indicates that the defendants knew about their participation in the training and activities of a group called INF North District, which since the outbreak of the “Iron Swords” war has been working to recruit people and donations along with joint training for its members.

On 20.10.2023, at noon, the two met at Cohen’s house and under Turok’s professional guidance produced several Molotov cocktails. Later, Nathaniel Cohen produced dozens more Molotov cocktails. In total, Nathaniel produced 62 Molotov cocktails, some of which he produced together with Miroslav Turok. The defendants were charged with the offense of manufacturing and possession of weapons.

Molotov cocktails - Kiryat Haim - Police
Photo: Police spokeswoman

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