Member of the Knesset reinforcement for Nathalie Dadon: “Thank you for what you do for the State of Israel”

Natalie Dadon

At the beginning of the week, Natalie Dadon participated in a march against anti-Semitism that took place in Berlin. In the march, she chose to wear clothes with blood stains as a sign of identification with all those women who were raped and murdered on October 7. The logo of Zaka, where Dadon volunteers, was also noted on the garment.

Dadon received many comments that praised her for the act and also the world could not help but notice this moving gesture. The one who was less connected to Luke and the gesture was the reality star Uriel Yekutiel, who previously participated in the race for a million and wrote: “Enough, someone will give her already in exchange for the kidnapped or just as a gesture of goodwill.”

Dadon responded to the evil response and wrote: “Then I came across this… a screenshot from the story of someone from “the industry” I receive 99% of light and love and precisely this small percentage will make me stop and ask the Creator why?! Why? Where does this evil come from?! Absorbing his fuck will be still and silent is one of my challenges…. And let it be clear to everyone if you have already made an offer I am ready to exchange! If thanks to me 135 Jews and two Bedouins will be saved. I'm in! #You know who you are, I chose not to add your name, for years you've been obsessed, and I'm absorbing, it's time to let go of hate. Our fate is shared. Enough. Just enough!!!”

MK Almog Cohen responded this morning (Wednesday) in his story that he uploaded on social networks, where he wrote: “Natalie dear friend! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for the State of Israel in the all-important international advocacy arena. Don't be moved by the slanders and poison darts of little people. The truth will win, the people of Israel will win!”

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