We broke into the nuclear reactor in Dimona and stole a lot of information

We broke into the nuclear reactor in Dimona and stole a lot of information

The group of hackers “Anonymous” published today (Wednesday) a message in which it claims that it managed to break into the computer systems of the nuclear reactor in Dimona and stole 7 gigabytes of data (DATA) from the databases.

Closed military area - the reactor in Dimona
Illustration. Photo: Live flash news

In a message, published by a hacker group on the X network, it stated that “the first stage of our activity was successful. As we promised before, this operation was high risk, but since we are not like the bloodthirsty Netanyahu and his terror army, we carried out the operation in such a way that none of the citizens were harmed.”

The group of hackers also added in its announcement: “We hit several servers of the Israeli nuclear organizations… in this operation, while stealing and destroying the data, we saved a part that includes 7 GB of data that we will reveal to the people of the world.”

Hackers ended their message with a threat: “Our operations will not stop and will continue until the end of the regime of the baby killers. We do not have time to check this data and we leave it to you to check it.”

Hackers also published the total amount of information allegedly in their possession: 4,290 PDF documents, about 5,000 mail correspondences (emails), 352 Excel files, 28 zip files, 1,359 Word files, 236 presentations (PowerPoint) and various other files.

It should be noted that the members of the “Anonymous” organization are scattered around the world and it is not possible to know at this stage how true the claims are. Security officials in Israel have not yet officially responded to the claims.

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