7 perfect tourist destinations in Europe during the spring

7 perfect tourist destinations in Europe during the spring

Spring time is the perfect time to visit Europe. The beautiful blossoming of flowers, the pleasant weather and the spring winds invite you to a vacation in the old continent. We have selected 8 perfect destinations to visit in Europe during this period:

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Paris France

Paris is the fashion and culinary capital of Europe and a popular tourist destination especially in the spring season. Spring in Paris offers picturesque views of pink and white blossoming trees along wide boulevards and in extensive parks such as Tuileries and Luxembourg. Popular attractions include rock climbing Eiffel Tower, A visit to the famous Louvre Museum where famous works of art such as the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo are displayed, as well as trips to the most beautiful quarters of Paris such as the Latin Quarter, Montmartre and Saint Germain des Prés.

You can also spend hours in typical Parisian cafes, enjoy a gourmet meal in a luxurious restaurant or simply walk along the Seine and watch street performers. Paris is also a paradise for shopping and fashion lovers.

Rome Italy

Rome is an endless source of inspiration for those who love history, art and delicious Italian food. Spring is the best time to visit the Eternal City, when the flower fields are breathtaking and the weather is pleasant for tours and excursions. Rome offers plenty of world heritage sites such as the impressive Colosseum and the Roman Forum with the remains of ancient temples.

The beautiful squares such as Navona, Spain and Trevi invite you to relax in an authentic Italian cafe and watch the colorful Italians. You can also spend hours in fascinating museums such as the Vatican and the Capitoline and enjoy Italian cuisine in restaurants and pizza and ice cream stands throughout the city. The shops in Via Condotti and Piazza di Spagna offer plenty of fashionable shopping.

London England

London It is a vibrant city with beautiful blooming gardens and parks in the spring. The recommendation is to start the trip in London with a visit to Buckingham Palace, the official residence of Queen Elizabeth. You can watch an impressive parade of the guard as well as visit parts of the palace itself that are open to the public. A tour of the Tate Modern Art Gallery is fascinating and presents works by great artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh.

You should also drive in a circle on the London Eye – a giant wheel that offers incredible views of the city. You can also spend hours shopping on Oxford Street, enjoying theater performances in the West End and colorful nightlife in clubs and pubs.

Loire Valley, France

The Loire Valley is located in the heart of France and is considered a green and blooming picturesque paradise. In the spring season, the valley dazzles with bright colors of flower fields, wine vineyards, fruits and vegetables. You can drive along the Loire River and see magnificent castles and historic villages on its banks. It is recommended to visit the towns of Chateau and Amboise and enjoy wine tastings in the famous wineries in the area.

It is also worth visiting the city of Tour Naim with its stairs and the towns of Saint-Emilion and Chanon-sur-Loire for their castle architecture and picturesque streets. You can end the trip with a fine gourmet meal with a magical view of the valley.

Prague Czech republic

Prague is a fascinating and multicultural city, ideal for a visit in the spring when all the trees are blooming and the temperatures are pleasant. Popular attractions include a trip to the Old City with its beautiful Clock Square, the famous Charles Bridge and the historic Jewish Quarter. You can climb the Prague Castle with its impressive Gothic cathedrals and overlook the entire city. Highly recommended is the National Museum with the largest art collection in the country and the sculpture gallery of Capek, the famous citizen of the city. After an exhausting tour, you can recharge your batteries with traditional Czech dishes such as golash and kandlaby in one of the pleasant pubs in the city.

Greek Islands

Greece is a particularly popular destination in the spring season when the weather is still pleasant and its many islands bloom colorfully. The island of Santorini offers spectacular mountain views, picturesque white villages and beaches with clear blue waters. Mykonos and Paros are known for their lively nightlife and the ability to find a quiet and private beach.

Crete is a large and diverse island with many beaches, archaeological sites such as Knossos and Mount Ida where, according to legend, Zeus was born. On all the islands you can of course enjoy the fresh and authentic seafood as well as fine local Greek wine alongside magical views.

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Croatia offers a perfect spring vacation with spectacular views of verdant mountains descending to the clear blue Adriatic Sea. The capital Zagreb is a vibrant city with impressive architecture, interesting museums, excellent restaurants and many fashion stores. Colorful Dubrovnik is considered the pearl of Croatia and is nestled in ancient walls between the sea and the mountains.

It is highly recommended to sail to the beautiful islands of Korčula and Hvar with their picturesque villages. You can also visit scenic national parks such as Plitvice and Kraka and be impressed by their waterfalls and lakes. Apart from spectacular landscapes, Croatia also offers a rich history with medieval fortresses, churches and monasteries all along its coast and in the beautiful valley.

These are 7 destinations we recommend visiting in spring. Each of them offers a different and special experience – amazing landscapes, culture, history and excellent food. Enjoy the beautiful nature and the wonderful atmosphere in Europe!

It is important to know before booking a hotel:

  • Check the location of the hotel and make sure it is convenient for tourism and close to the attractions you want to visit.
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  • Check the hotel's cancellation policy in case you need to cancel the reservation.
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These are just some of the things you should check and compare before booking the hotel to ensure a successful vacation!

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