Do you sit a lot? You should know why an ergonomic chair is important for you

Do you sit a lot?  You should know why an ergonomic chair is important for you

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Sitting is an integral part of work for many of us, and some of us even enjoy it a lot, but prolonged sitting can have long-term harmful effects on our health and quality of life.

Fortunately there is something to be done about it, and it's not even very difficult or complicated. All the information is in front of you.

The phenomenon of sitting – prolonged sitting at an expensive price

When we sit for a long period of time, our body undergoes various physiological changes – the muscles become inactive, blood circulation slows down and with it the rate of metabolism. All of these increase the risk of developing various health problems such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, joint diseases, cardiovascular diseases and more.
In addition, prolonged sitting also creates loads on various different areas of the body, first and foremost – the lower back area, and may lead to the development of various orthopedic problems.

Studies done on the issue of sitting have shown that the phenomenon is as dangerous to our health as smoking, so it is important to be aware of the problem and act accordingly.

Ergonomic office chair – your reinforcement player in the fight against sitting injuries

for ergonomic office chairs A decisive role in reducing the negative effects of prolonged sitting on the body. These chairs have been specially designed to encourage healthy sitting postures and reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal problems.

When you come to purchase a new office chair, it is recommended to choose a chair that includes advanced ergonomic mechanisms, including:

  • Adjustable lumbar support, to reduce the load on the lower back
  • Changing the angle and height of the backrest
  • Seat depth, angle and height adjustments
  • Height and side adjustable armrests for arm and shoulder support
  • Dynamic rocking mechanisms to increase body mobility
  • and more.

These mechanisms will make it possible to optimally adjust the chair to the body structure, and provide optimal support that will help reduce the various orthopedic damages.

There is no doubt For a quality ergonomic computer chair There is an important part in reducing the negative effects of sitting, but it is not enough. To fight the sit-ins there is no choice but to take action and get up from the chair.

Mobility is key

Since immobility is the main cause of the problem, the best answer is to simply move, and as much as possible.

Regular breaks every half hour in which you get up from the chair and walk a little, frequent stretching and changes of postures, alternating standing work and using the rocking mechanism of the ergonomic chair – all these and more will help reduce the negative effects of prolonged sitting and contribute to our general health, as well as our mood. Welcome to try.

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