Historical differences of opinion on the determination of Shabbat times

Historical differences of opinion on the determination of Shabbat times

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Shabbat is a holy day for the Jewish people. Jews all over the world observe the Sabbath in accordance with all its laws from the moment it enters until the moment it leaves. Of course, it is necessary to check every Friday exactly when Shabbat begins, when according to Halacha the transition between day and day occurs around sunset and therefore, the beginning of Shabbat and the end of Shabbat are not a fixed thing but something that changes according to the length of the day throughout the year. In the summer, when the days are long, the Sabbath will enter late, while in the winter, when the days are shorter, the Sabbath will enter at an earlier time.

Shabbat entry and exit times – what do the arbitrators disagree about?

Since the time between the setting of the sun and the rising of the stars, is a time that is considered a sufficient time and since Shabbat is a mitzvah from Daurita, the two times between the suns at the beginning and end of the Shabbat are considered part of the Shabbat. Therefore, Shabbat lasts 25 hours, starting with sunset on Friday and ending with sunrise the next day.

It is important to know that there is a dispute between the arbitrators concerning the field Saturday entry and exit times , when the dispute is based on the time of sunset from a halachic point of view. The accepted opinion is that the time when the sun actually disappears from the horizon is the time that is considered sunset. According to Rabbi Tam, on the other hand, the halachic sunset is not what we see with our eyes, but about 58 minutes after the sunset that we see with our eyes. There are Jews who practice according to the method of Rabbi Tam and are more strict during Shabbat holidays. At the same time, at the time of entering Shabbat, everyone is praying and entering it at an early hour.

What is a Shabbat supplement?

According to the Sages, there is a mitzvah to add to the time of Shabbat from Sunday to Sunday, and the mitzva in question is called Tosefet Shabbat. Most of the scribes rule in Halacha the law of Tosefet Shabbat and today they do so in Halacha. At the same time, the Rambam ruled the law of Tosefet only with regard to Yom Kippur and not Sabbath. The length of the extra time before sunset on Friday will vary from one Jewish community to another according to local tradition. Usually in Israel there will be an extra 20 minutes, while in Haifa it is customary to add half an hour and in Jerusalem it is customary to add 40 minutes for sunset.

Even in the evening of Shabbat, it is customary to wait a few minutes after the stars have come out, and this is to show that keeping the Shabbat is a kind mitzvah, it is not taken out immediately when possible, but later. Also, there are Hasidic sects where it is customary to extend the Sabbath.

How do you prepare for the Sabbath?

Shabbat is a mitzvah from the Torah and therefore, many Jews exclude Shabbat both in terms of its entry and exit times and in terms of all the activities they perform in preparation for Shabbat. Preparing for Shabbat by preparing good foods, showering before Shabbat, preparing a festive table, putting away anything that is not allowed to be used on Shabbat, planning suitable lighting, a plate and a stove that will be used for heating the foods and more.

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