Amazing! This is the new feature that will be introduced soon in Zoom

Amazing!  This is the new feature that will be introduced soon in Zoom

Zoom announced Zoom Workplace – an open collaboration platform enhanced by AI and at the same time presented new extensions of the company's artificial intelligence 'assistant' – the AI ​​Companion – intended for people who are required to work as a team. At the same time, the company announced AI-based improvements in the customer experience of Zoom Phone users and the company's customer service center – the Zoom Contact Center, so that businesses can use it to strengthen customer relationships and leverage insights powered by artificial intelligence in real time – to improve the connection of agents sales with their customers.

“Zoom Workplace with the reinforcement of our artificial intelligence assistant, which has already proven itself in changing work patterns and saving time, will help solve real customer problems within one platform and all under the same 'Zoom experience' that users trust and love,” says Smita Hashim, chief product manager at Zoom.

According to Hashim, Zoom continues to improve the performance of artificial intelligence on its platform, while improving the digital assistant. Thus, an extension called Ask AI Companion will help users prepare for their working day in the Zoom environment. The new service will be included at no additional cost to authorized users.

Refreshed user experience, including a new user interface, simple meeting toolbar and customization options
Refreshed user experience, including a new user interface, simple meeting toolbar and customization options

Ask AI Companion will collect, synthesize and share information from Zoom meetings, mail, team chat, notes, documents and more. Ask AI Companion will also help prepare users for meetings, summarize meetings, display relevant action items, draft agendas, and summarize chat and email threads, as well as documents. In a later release after the initial launch the new tool will be able to pull relevant content from selected third party applications (if the customer chooses to enable them) to be even more helpful.

A Zoom phone enhanced with AI Companion will be able to provide a written post-call summary and next steps, so users can focus on the call instead of taking notes. If they miss an important call, Voicemail Priority will help upload urgent messages, moving them to the top of the queue, and Voicemail Task Extraction will provide tasks from voicemails to help users understand next steps without listening to each voicemail.

An artificial intelligence assistant for Zoom phone usersAn artificial intelligence assistant for Zoom phone users
An artificial intelligence assistant for Zoom phone users

The AI-powered Zoom Workplace collaboration platform will provide additional innovations that will help businesses redesign teamwork and facilitate collaboration. According to Hashim, Zoom Workplace will continue to be an open platform that allows choice for the customer. Zoom's APIs and SDKs and over 2,500 integrations in the Zoom App Marketplace make it easy for customers to integrate Zoom with existing technology or integrate Zoom users' favorite apps.

With the introduction of Zoom Workplace, the company unveils a refreshed user experience, including a new user interface, a simple meeting toolbar and customization options. Users will have the ability to choose from four color themes in the Zoom app, for personalization. Chat hosts will also have the opportunity to customize a virtual meeting background to match the feel or focus of the meeting.

For Zoom meetings, users will see a new meeting tab in the Zoom app that will allow them to collaborate before, during and after meetings. The application supports traditional calendar views and serves as a central place to manage agendas, recordings and other shared assets such as documents and smart recordings. The system will also automatically highlight active speakers. Thus, AI-powered portrait lighting will help illuminate users' faces in poor lighting, and AI-generated virtual backgrounds will allow users to create personalized backgrounds.

For organizations, navigating the office will be easier than ever with the introduction of the Workspaces tab, which provides access to Workspace Reservation with seating and visitor management directly from the Zoom Workplace app.

When one screen is not enough, users will be able to expand their Zoom rooms with an additional screen companion device that will collaborate with audio and video. For Workvivo customers, a new integration with Zoom Rooms will provide the ability to display Workvivo TV dashboards in Zoom Rooms without the need to manually enter each screen. Workvivo Zoom Rooms integration is expected to be available in summer 2024.

Zoom Contact Center already includes AI Companion and AI Expert Assist at no additional cost, when it will be possible to examine the live communications of salespeople with customers, while examining the quality of the conversation in real time, receiving live transcripts and call summaries. Businesses will even be able to expand their digital communication channels to include WhatsApp conversations and incoming email – a situation that will make it easier for agents to respond to customers quickly and in a targeted manner.

The new solutions will be available during April and May 2024.

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