Are you cleaning for Passover? This is the cheapest chain for cleaning products

Are you cleaning for Passover?  This is the cheapest chain for cleaning products

The “Rami Levy Sycamore Marketing” chain presents the largest variety of cleaning materials in preparation for Passover – about 1,500 products in the chain's private label.

A study carried out by the “Rami Levy Sycamore Marketing” chain shows that 35% of the shopping basket during Passover is cleaning products. Israelis spend an average of NIS 330 on cleaning products during Passover. A test conducted by the chain also shows that the prices of cleaning materials in the private brand are about 30% cheaper compared to the other chains. In other words, the consumer saves around NIS 100 on cleaning products. The network has about 25 categories of private label cleaning products.

Photo: PR Rami Levy Sycamore Marketing

In Rami Levy's private label you can find cleaning products such as: scented bleach, window cleaning liquid, gel and fabric softener, cloths of all kinds, the miracle sponge, soaps, cleaning materials and more. Recently launched a chain of washing powders in different sizes and washing capsules, pine gel and a wide variety of extra strong trash bags.

A survey by the Geocartography group conducted these days among a representative sample of 522 people in the Jewish and Arab sectors regarding the purchase of household cleaning supplies, ahead of Passover, states that the cheapest chain in the field of household cleaning supplies is the Rami Levy Marketing Sycamore chain by about 30%.

Also, the survey showed that the Rami Levy Sycamore Marketing chain is the preferred chain by Israelis for buying household cleaning materials for Passover in terms of product quality, product variety and prices. As mentioned, the network is in 1st place with 24%.

Rami Levy said: “Ahead of Passover this year, the chain increased by 25% the number of cleaning products in the private label. And presents the largest variety of products at the cheapest price in the chains in Israel.”

Rami Levi. Photography: Asaf Lev

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