Businesses in tourist cities will receive compensation for indirect damage

Businesses in tourist cities will receive compensation for indirect damage

The Israeli government approved today (Sunday) at its weekly meeting a decision regarding an aid grant for businesses in tourism-oriented local authorities. According to the decision, businesses in the local authorities of Eilat and Tamar, and in localities all over the country that were included in the definition of “area affected in December” and meet the conditions set forth in the decision, will be entitled to compensation under the “Eligible Expenses” track for January-February 2024, according to the formula according to which businesses all over the country were compensated in the months October – December.

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich: “An important decision for tourism in Eilat and the Tamar Regional Council. Eilat has always been dear to my heart and in all my years in the Knesset I fought to make sure that Eilat continues to be a leading tourist city.
The compensation outline we approved for the beginning of 2024 will help business owners and the tourism industry also at the beginning of this year. The Tax Authority, the Ministry of Finance and the Government of Israel are working to provide maximum coverage for all populations and sectors. I thank the professionals for formulating the decisions and the members of the government for the mobilization. Together, we will win.”

Illustration. Photo: Live flash news

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