This is the reform that will affect your pocket

This is the reform that will affect your pocket

The Cabinet Plenum approved a short time ago (Sunday) the reform initiated by Economy Minister Nir Barkat “What is good for Europe is good for Israel” which will allow the import of tens of thousands of cheap products from Europe and open the Israeli market to competition after decades of monopolies and cartels controlling the Israeli consumer. The reform eliminates thick layers of unnecessary regulation and bureaucracy and will make it possible to import to Israel based on the principle according to which: any product sold in Europe can be sold in Israel without going through the Standards Institute or any Israeli inspection. This is a historic change in the import system in Israel that will open the market to real competition that will lower prices.

The government intends to pass the laws in the first reading during the current session of the Knesset, to prepare them for a second and third reading during the recess and to finally approve them as soon as the next session begins. Economy Minister Nir Barkat responded by saying: “The reform of what is good for Europe is good for Israel will eliminate enormous layers of regulation and unnecessary standards that prevent imports to Israel and cause a lack of competition and high prices in the State of Israel. This is a deep and thorough reform that I have been working on since the day I took office and as soon as it is approved will put an end to the centralized control of consumer monopolies the Israeli. In fact, the reform will make it possible to import any product sold in supermarkets in Europe to supermarkets in Israel without any obstruction on the way to the shelf in Israel. The days of monopolies' control are over. I am determined to pass the reform together with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Health – and so we will do it. Because what is good for half One billion Europeans – good for ten million Israelis too!”

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