Yanon Magal's dramatic statement

Yanon Magal's dramatic statement

The presenter of the “Patriots” program on Channel 14, Yanon Magal, made a dramatic statement this evening (Muchash) against the background of the public uproar surrounding the cancellation of yeshiva and kollel budgeting and pledged to launch a support campaign if the state's funding is stopped. He also said that he would take it upon himself to fund a yeshiva student from his own pocket. .

Magal began his words by saying: “I did some research. A yeshiva student costs NIS 395 a month, this is the budget of the Ministry of Religion that is paid to yeshiva students, understand what NIS 395 per month and a barrow costs NIS 650. There are 40,000 yeshiva students who are between the ages of 18 and 22 and more About 25,000 people, a total of 65,000 people.”

“That's why,” he added, “I say that with the help of God, I am taking on both a yeshiva student and a barach that I fund them regularly, and like me, I am sure there are many, many people. And with the help of God, if they don't give the money and he will stand for it, I will lead a campaign that, with the help of God, there will be 60-65 thousand people who will take it upon themselves to finance a yeshiva student. Whether it's 395, whether it's 650, we will finance it. We will not be overthrown, the world of Torah. Those who do not study, please I said my opinion – let them enlist. Those who study will receive money Because people see value in it.” Magal said live.

Photo: Channel 14

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