Dogs that infiltrated from the Gaza Strip devoured seven deer to death in Kibbutz Magen

Dogs that infiltrated from the Gaza Strip devoured seven deer to death in Kibbutz Magen

Stray dogs that entered Kibbutz Magen last night (Monday) ate to death seven spotted deer in the animal corner of the Kibbutz. Since the outbreak of the war, hundreds of stray dogs have penetrated from the Gaza Strip into the territory of the State of Israel, most of them staying in the assembly areas where IDF soldiers were staying, many of them reaching the Otaf settlements.

Tomer Nasiman, veterinarian of the Nature and Parks Authority: “In the first week after the murderous attack by Hamas, the Nature and Parks Authority, together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Agriculture and volunteers from non-profit organizations and privately, came to help the residents and animals that were affected in the Western Negev. Some of the livestock areas were completely evacuated and some were partially evacuated, such as The animal corner at Kibbutz Magen whose caretakers have tried all this difficult time to keep and care for the animals.'

“Despite the Nature and Parks Authority's call to deal with the problem of stray dogs from Gaza and not to put up with the damage they cause to public health and safety, wild animals, farms and pets, dogs still pose a threat. This morning we received an unfortunate report about seven spotted deer in the animal corner that were killed by a pack of stray dogs from Gaza. The reality of stray dogs in the Western Negev is destructive and does not constitute a solution for anyone, including the dogs themselves, whose fate of hunger, accidents and diseases is promiscuous as well,” he added.

“The dead deer will be removed to the veterinary services. Several moose were injured by bites and will receive medical treatment. Kibbutz Magen Deputy Rabbi Ohad Drezman: This is a serious incident that severely harmed the wild animals in the animal corner and is a danger to the children in the kibbutz that requires the attention of the government ministries.'' he said in conclusion.

Yatir Shamir, head of the enforcement division at the Nature and Parks Authority, adds that despite the efforts made in capturing dogs and transferring them to kennels while shortening the quarantine time, the unfortunate event illustrates that the phenomenon and the threat to wildlife and residents in the area exist.

Photo: Damian Makitz and Ohad Drezman

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