It is not possible for terrorists to be near soldiers

It is not possible for terrorists to be near soldiers

Chairman of the Noam party, deputy minister, member of Knesset Avi Maoz, responded today (Tuesday) to the State Comptroller's statement regarding the report issued by the Comptroller, according to which female cadets in the officers' course are guarding Nochava terrorists and some of them even experienced sexual harassment.

Knesset Deputy Minister Maoz said: I call on Defense Minister Yoav Galant to order the withdrawal of the soldiers from this guarding mission. As previously published in the State Comptroller's report, 38 percent of female soldiers who served in the wings where there were terrorists, complained that they were sexually harassed. We cannot repeat the mistakes of the past. It is not possible for our daughters to be near these human savages.”

archives. Photo: Knesset spokeswoman – Noam Moshkowitz

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