kicked him until he fell and lost consciousness, ran away and shouted “Happy Purim”

kicked him until he fell and lost consciousness, ran away and shouted “Happy Purim”

On March 19, 2024, in Tel Aviv, an argument developed between a kitchen manager at a catering company and the chef, over the chef's comments about serving the food. The cook manager pushed the chef and told him 'I don't work for you', 'You are a dead man'.

According to the indictment, on the evening of the day of the argument that developed in the kitchen, the suspect arrived on a motorcycle at the chef's building and ambushed him in the parking lot while wearing a Purim mask over his face. When the victim went out to the parking lot, the suspect attacked him with the helmet when he hit the victim several times in the face and kicked his body until he fell and lost consciousness, after which the suspect fled while shouting 'Happy Purim'.

After about 20 minutes, the suspect returned to the parking lot because his phone fell on the floor during the attack, when he saw that the victim had located the phone, he threw the victim in the air and slammed him on the floor and began choking and demanding the phone back. He grabbed the phone and ran away again. As soon as the incident was received, the Jaffa police officers began an investigation and operations to locate the suspect and arrested him. As mentioned, the suspect is a 37-year-old resident of Herzliya who was transferred to the police station for questioning. At the conclusion of the investigation yesterday, the prosecution unit of the Tel Aviv district filed an indictment against the suspect.


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